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BW76 card received from @uconn

I love B&W portraits - thanks :grin:


Can I be added to Green- 77? Thank you! :green_heart:

I would like to join Orange-77 and Blue-77 please, thank you!

@sleepyhippo1 Thanks for the wonderful Mesa Verde card! We have been getting lots of rain here as well.

Hi @AccentOnHakes !! Could you add me to Orange-77, Blue-77, and Purple-77? Thank you! :smiling_face:

Rainbow 75
@TeachLittleKids Thank you for the cute โ€˜look on the bright sideโ€™ rainbow card! I love World Market!

Yellow 76
@CrimsonKing Thank you for the banana card! Iโ€™m not a big banana person but I love banana bread!

B&W 76
@virgomar0918 Thank you for the Marilyn Monroe card! It sounds like your vacation was great!!

Red 77
@CrimsonKing Thank you for the red houses card! I hope your AC is all fixed up now!


Group Green 77 is heading out in tomorrows mail!


@CrimsonKing - a field of ripe wheat being harvested by an Amish farmer with horse-drawn equipment. Thank you.

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Orange 77
Ready to mail

Purple 76
@CalicoBeer Sent such a cool card. I really like this image plus itโ€™s purple!

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Orange-77 in the mailbox for tomorrows mail :smiling_face:

Cards for Orange-77 in the mail.

Group Green 77 has been mailed! :green_heart:

Please add me to Yellow-77. Thank you!

Please add me to Purple

Black / White 76
@tia272 I did watch both seasons of White Lotus. I also liked the first one better. Thanks for this B&W photo card.


Iโ€™d like to join Purple-77 please

May I join blue 77 please?

Yellow-77, please.

Red 77 card received from @tia272 thanks for the patterned card and itโ€™s cute your cat keeps you company when youโ€™re writing cards

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Orange 77
@disappearingrecord what a score at the postcard show! Thanks for this one