[RR] NA Colors RR 🌈

B/w 73 was mailed out the other day

Brown 72

Received from @CrimsonKing a Chuck Taylor All Stars postcard. Very cool! I’ve never owned a pair, but I’d wear them too. : ) Thank you! I like the stamps too.

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Red-74, please

Received for b/w 73
@MichelleW Cheers cat. No drinks are safe in my house with 4 cats.
@uconn A very fancy hat. Hope your dinner was wonderful.

Thank you both


Purple 72
@Yarn-Lady thanks for this purple view

Black White 73
@MichelleW hmmm thanks for this pen and ink drawing. Hope recovering continues and flies by

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Orange-73 :orange_heart:
@uconn Thanks James for this artist card, who loved to make furry things: cup, saucer, spoon, gloves and wristbands. :smiley:

Yellow-73 :yellow_heart:
@sleepyhippo1 Thank you Marcella for this cute card! Today was also a good day to be inside, cooler and windy! :wind_face: I have a light fleece blanket around my shoulders as I type, lol. The older I get the colder I become in shorter amount of time, bleh, lol.

@Hazygirl Thank you Jo-Ann for the very spring like arrangement, looking at it makes me feel happy. :blush: I hope the sun has found you! :sun_with_face:

Red-73 :heart:
@sleepyhippo1 Thank you Marcella for the blue cat England World Travel card! Haha, I know how to avoid housework too, and it’s doing as you stated, writing cards. :wink: :laughing:

Green-73 :green_heart:
@Hazygirl Thanks Jo-Ann for the green letter G card! It took me a minute to figure out that is was a G, haha. My yellow ink is too light to write with so I understand when you want to use a color, but can’t.

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Group B&W-73:

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@YellowButterfly76 sent a very cool looking Grapevine stained glass window

@sleepyhippo1 sent a fun large letter Council Bluffs


@TwoDoggies - Christopher Marley’s art with red butterflies and red beetles arranged in a mandala. Beautiful. Thank you. Lots of red ink, stickers, washi tape, and stamp on the back.

RED-74 cards are ready to go tomorrow.

Red-74 :heart: went out 4/4.

Yellow-72 :yellow_heart:
@rabidtriangle Thank you Cait for this Pantone card, new to the collection! :smiley: I’ll have to look into your collections to see if I have anything that might fit. :slight_smile:

Brown-72 :brown_heart:
@Yarn-Lady Thank you Cynthia for this end of season tall grass card! I would love to walk through that stuff, but then think of all the bugs and things sticking to my clothes as I do so, no thanks, haha. I do like it though. :smiley:

Orange-73 :orange_heart:
@sleepyhippo1 Thank you Marcella for another Tatina card, my second and third ones! :smiley: A lot of orange on here, especially the cat. :cat: Love how they’re all smiling and not worried about the honey sticking to their fur, haha.

Red-74 has gone out!

Blue 72 card received from @YellowButterfly76
Hope you’re enjoying your spring! Thanks for the blue glass card!

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I received a card for Group B&W-73 from @sleepyhippo1 that is a photo of the King of the Jungle who has that look I have upon waking. The, “What do I have to do today?” look! I hope you enjoyed your walk with your companion from the animal shelter. What a great volunteer effort! Thanks, Marcella

Red-74 is on its way,

Yellow 72 @rabidtriangle Thank you for the very yellow card. I am trying to find the rest of the lady in the picture! I also love your address label!

Orange 72 @rabidtriangle Thank you for the orange food card! I never thought about orange food beyond carrots and oranges!

Yellow 73
@CrimsonKing sent what I thought was a castle too but is really a church. Cool

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Hi. I would like to join groups Blue 73 and Purple 73, please!

Received from green73
@journeyforth Thank you for the beautiful card. We keep getting snow so nothing is green yet.

B/W 73
@TwoDoggies Plant #3. I don’t think I could do two big meals in one day. That’s a lot of food.

Thank you both.

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Can I join Orange-74?

So sorry for such a late posting.

Received cards for group #72-purple

@Yarn-Lady thank you for the really awesome card! Haven’t seen one like this before.

@CrimsonKing - we got snow last week. Weather has been crazy. It was 52* yesterday lol. I have never lived somewhere with tornados. I’ll keep my snow. Lol.

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