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Orange 20
@MichelleW - Smoky Mountains National Park, thank you! I love the fall leaves as well!

Blue-20 is in the mail!

Cards for Blue 20 will be mailed tomorrow. :smile:

Brown - 20 postcards going in the mail today! :brown_heart:

@MichelleW sent some beautiful pink blossoms. They don’t look like apple blossoms to me, nor cherry blossoms…but I am not a plant expert by any means so it could very well be one of the two, or something else entirely. Whatever they are, they are pretty! Thank you for the great decorations on the back, including the perfect washi tape with pink and gold flowers. :white_flower:

I received 3 cards!

Pink-19 - @jocrafts sent lots of fun pink flowers! I keep a small planner in my purse and wouldn’t know where I’m supposed to be without it. People ask why I don’t use my phone, but after missing two appointments, I realized that’s not the answer for me!

Orange-20 - Jo sent a fortune cookie that looks like the fortune was read! My favorite houses are decorated with multiple pumpkins and other gourds. They make the porches so attractive!

Orange-20 - @ellistrations sent a wonderful cel from Disney’s 1951 classic, Alice in Wonderland! Funny, a great many of my “color group” cards come from my 100 Roald Dahl box! Thanks, Barbara!

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Pink 19

@MichelleW sent a Pusheen card with the cat loving her computer. Lots of pink on the back of the card, too. :smile: Thank you, Michelle!

I’ve received all cards for Pink 19. :cherry_blossom: :ribbon: :tickets:

I’d like to join B&W-20

And I RECEIVED two cards from @PamUSAOhio:

Group Pink-19 - classic card showing the Capitol Bldg seen through beautiful pink cherry blossoms! One day I am going to see that in person.

Group Orange-20 - a gorgeous card with an aerial view of Bryce Canyon National Park. Impressive!

Thanks, Pam - two super cards! :heart_eyes_cat:

Yellow 20 is in the mail

:banjo: they have a banjo emoji haha

Yellow-20 :lemon: and Brown-20 :chestnut: are both in the mail

Orange 20

MichelleW sent a very orange galaxy photograph taken by the Hubble Telescope. It’s beyond me, too, Michelle - I’ll just look and admire. :sunglasses: Thank you!

I’ve received all cards for this group. :ok_hand:

My cards for Yellow 20 are headed out.

Please add me to Rainbow-20.

Yellow-20 went out today.

May I please join Rainbow and Purple 20?

Blue 20 @ckip sends Partido Florida Ariel view. I am glad you got out of there before the storm.

Blue20 @travelingyogibear sends a Seattle card whit a giant squid taking down a ship. Lots of blue decorations and stamps.

Thank you both

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Brown 20

@travelingyogibear - I’m surprised I got your postcard already! Absolutely love this brown postcard and I’m right there with you! Justice for all! Also, love meeting fellow murderinos. Have you listened to And That’s Why We Drink? Similar vibes but with paranormal stories too!

Click to see postcard!

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Blue 20

@PamUSAOhio Thank you for the card! I also like lighthouses, so this is awesome, although I’ve never seen one in real life. I’ll add seeing one to my bucket list lol.

@travelingyogibear Thank you for the gorgeous card! I’d love to find some blue quartz out in nature. Agreed, we could all use some harmony at the moment.

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Blue 20

@kyvintage sent a serene sky and landscape card with fun old stamps. That sounds like a lot of cabbage!!
@PamUSAOhio sent a blue sky with snow-covered trees. I don’t want a winter this year! I just want to skip it…

Brown 20 - @AccentOnHakes sent one of the AOI set cards, the hedgehog (love these cards). I never learned how to carve pumpkins, but we always just cut a few up and put them out for the squirrels to eat.

Brown 20

@jocrafts - Your handwriting is beautiful by the way! Thank you for the postcard of Maxfield Lodge in Utah. I love the architecture and location! So pretty!

Click to See!

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Blue 20

@ckip sent a photograph of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, which is the old Lorraine Motel (with blue doors and accents), site of the MLK assassination. Thank you! BTW, the cars in the parking lot also tick off a preference for me. :wink:

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