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:white_check_mark: Completed Groups :white_check_mark:


Group 300. Favs & wishes. midada/sunrider/newrule/hazelyc/la_miracle/flora1
Group 301. Any Cat Card. icy_icy/jacq4926/volvomom/Cassisia
Group 302. Any Cat Card. flora1/nordbaer :warning:/Susy1402/amakara
Group 303. 3 unwr. anamcara/flora1/AnnieLiu/newrule
Group 304. Drawn Cats. midada/Silberdistel/Natalie-chatte/Miss-Cynical
Group 305. Cat Photos. bourdon/dingo136/flora1/UsaNad
Group 307. Drawn Cats. Susy1402/janice-girl/Gem.dra :warning:/Miss-Cynical
Group 308. Drawn Cats. Cassisia/midada/amakara/Miss-Cynical
Group 309. Any Cat Card. Cassisia/kimyj143/AnnieLiu/Susy1402 :warning:
Group 310. Drawn Cats. dingo136/newrule/liliaching/Miss-Cynical
Group 311. Drawn Cats. Ronald-/AnnieLiu/Layali/newrule
Group 312. Any Cat Card. AmyFarahFowler :warning:/nordbaer/xiaomu330/kimyj143
Group 313. Drawn Cats. flora1/cgi/hazelyc/amakara
Group 314. 3 unwr. anamcara/flora1/catMargo/pinkstarfish
Group 315. Xmas. :innocent: LadyQQQ/cateye/Bethmnie/Natalie-chatte/~banned~/anamcara/flora1
Group 316. Cat Photos. CaliSmiles/flora1/Aprilminded/Cassisia
Group 317. Drawn Cats. alaxos/kimyj143/snowice/aidenopoly :warning:
Group 318. Any Cat Card :warning: maleta8003/nordbaer/angeldreamer/mackereltabby
Group 319. Drawn Cats. newrule/fanny_hu :warning:/midada/Miss-Cynical
Group 320. 3 unwr. anamcara/anettespostcards/oli4ka/newrule
Group 322. 3 unwr. anamcara/flora1/pinkstarfish/oli4ka
Group 323. Drawn Cats. flora1/hemsky/midada/Miss-Cynical
Group 324. Drawn Cats. yuyunanami/Dinka/Cassisia/Miss-Cynical
Group 325. Any Cat Card. newrule/midada/cateye/nordbaer
Group 329. Any Cat Card. taebbig/sheepadeep/bourdon/Cassisia
Group 330. Drawn Cats. flora1/Dinka/Cassisia/Miss-Cynical
Group 335. Drawn Cats. Dinka/midada/DearChristy/Miss-Cynical
:warning: Group 336. 3 unwr. flora/anamcara/Annie_Liu/adjort
Group 337. Drawn Cats. Koko84/Dinka/UsaNad/Miss-Cynical
Group 338. Any Cat Card. UsaNad/ellistrations/bourdon/nordbaer
:warning: Group 339. Drawn Cats. jacq4926/RuhRohRaggy/xiaomu330/Miss-Cynical
:warning: Group 340. Cat Photos. Lleytoncassidy/RuhRohRaggy/minase/flora
Group 341. Any Cat Card. flora1/Silberdistel/taebbig/Tolkien
Group 342. Drawn Cats. newrule/midada/flora/Silberdistel
:warning: Group 343. Cat Photos. taebbig/Silberdistel/yelena/mackereltabby
:warning: Group 344. Drawn Cats. DinkaDin/midada/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
Group 345. Any Cat Card. Silberdistel/nordbaer/UsaNad/Koko84
:warning: Group 346. Drawn Cats. Layali/mandyxl/RuhRohRaggy/Miss-Cynical
:warning: Group 347. Cat Photos. Silberdistel/RuhRohRaggy/Lleytoncassidy/MAKIKO-S
:warning: Group 348. Any Cat Card. alaxos/Silberdistel/RoniRavioli/MeaganMS
Group 349. Drawn Cats. UsaNad/midada/Tolkien/Miss-Cynical
Group 350. Drawn Cats. Tangyaya/Dinka/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
:warning: Group 351. Drawn Cats. coralfish/midada/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
Group 352. Vintage. Silberdistel/Qingshun/Miss-Cynical
Group 353. Drawn Cats. newrule/Annie_Liu/Tolkien/Silberdistel
Group 354. Drawn Cats. Dinka/sunrider/CaliSmiles/Miss-Cynical
:warning: Group 355. Any Cat Card. littleredtamale/Silberdistl/sheepadeep/gabi_m
:warning: Group 356. 3 unwr. meritahti/anamcara/Tangyaya/flora
:warning: Group 357. Cat Photos. flora/HollySmoke/Silberdistel/Aprilminded
Group 358. Drawn Cats. midada/flora1/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
Group 359. 3 unwr. kta67/anamcara/meritahti/adjort
Group 360. Drawn Cats. DinkaDin/kta67/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
Group 361. Cat Photos. UsaNad/Silberdistel/RuhRohRaggy/Lleyton
:warning: Group 362. Drawn Cats. EmeraldMist/Silberdistel/Tokien/Miss-Cynical
Group 363. Any Cat Card. Silberdistel/Chased/RuhRohRaggy/Silvermau
Group 364. Drawn Cats. RuhRohRaggy/gabi_m/Tolkien/Miss-Cynical
Group 365. Cat Photos. flora/sheepadeep/flyer2011/Silvermau
Group 366. Drawn Cats. dearchristy/flora/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
:warning: Group 367. Drawn Cats. yuyunanami/dearchristy/midada/Miss-Cynical
Group 368. Any Cat Card. littleredtamale/Chased/DinkaDin/Silberdistel
Group 369. Drawn Cats. DinkaDin/tymchuk/Sowushka/Miss-Cynical
:warning: Group 370. Drawn Cats. DinkaDin/Suir/gabi_m/Miss-Cynical
:warning: Group 371. 3 unwr. anamcara/flora/Venerka-kotletka/adjort
:warning: Group 372. Cat Photos. HollySmoke/flora/Lleytoncassidy/Chrimel
Group 373. Any Cat Card. IlluminatiD/DinkaDin/gabi_m/FrogSalad
:warning: Group 374. Drawn Cats. sunrider/midada/ligvita/tymchuk
Group 375. Vintage Cats. mgaskell/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
Group 376. Xmas Cats. DinkaDin/flora/midada/LadyQQQ/HollySmoke/Miss-Cynical
Group 377. Drawn Cats. flora/midada/catcollector/Miss-Cynical
Group 378. Drawn Cats. Venerka-kotletka/DinkaDin/catcollector/Miss-Cynical
Group 381. Any Cat Card. katie333/MStSister/Silberdistel/ejcain
Group 385. Drawn Cats. DinkaDin/Venerka-kotletka/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
Group 392. Drawn Cats. catcollector/midada/Silberdistel/Miss-Cynical
Group 394. Drawn Cats. midada/flora/Coriena/Miss-Cynical
Group 396. Any Cat Card. cateye/katie333/Silvermau/Coriena
Group 397. catcollector/DinkaDin/Cassisia/Miss-Cynical
Group 399. Drawn Cats. Reeds/cateye/jaqueposts/Silberdistel

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:innocent: Angels Wanted! :innocent:

updated: October 24th, 2020 - looking for 0 Angel(s)

There are many people in this RR that have not received cards - the sender joins and leaves, gets banned or can for some other reason not send their promised cards.

An ‘Angel’ is someone who is willing to send a card, without expecting a card in return.

Please help your fellow cat enthusiasts to receive the cards they are due!

If you want to send an angel card to someone, please u2u me with his/her nickname and group number and you’ll receive the address in return. Thank you very much for your help! Please don’t send cards without noticing me first!

Reserved for host - please don’t delete

another one reserved for host

:partying_face: Here we go again! Welcome to the NEW forum, CatPeople! :smiley_cat:

Please don’t post in the old thread anymore - only here. Thank you! :love_letter:

If you are experiencing problems, I will help whenever I can, but please understand that I cannot give technical support. To get started please check out the user guide and FAQ:

Yay, always excited to see one of the RRs I participate in move to the new forum! For group 364, I received a card from @RuhRohRaggy with a cute image of a cat watching a dragonfly - I have the same look on my face when a dragonfly goes by, haha! Thank you!

Group 367

I sent my cards:)

Just realized I have to cope with all the new user names now … :scream_cat:
Please help me and let me know if your user name changed (unless it’s obvious) - thank you!

:kissing_cat: updated

I was pinkstarfish :wink:.

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I would like to join Group # 369 please.
DinkaDin = Dinka :wink:

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Group 363

I send my cards… :hibiscus:

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Group 362

Received from @Silberdistel, cute cat illustration

Many thanks :smile:

Thank you everybody!

:kissing_cat: updated

Group #367
I sent all cards today :slight_smile:
Sorry, Japan Post has suspended Ukraine airmail.
So I sent to @midada by sea mail.

Group #358

Received two lovely catcards from Flora1 and Silberdistel.
Thanks a lot! I like them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you!

:+1: Group 358 complete!

:kissing_cat: updated

Group 363
Received a lovely card from @Chased :slight_smile:

Cat RR 363
Today I also received two cards:
@silberdistel thank you for this cute card! It’s super relaxing if you only look at it! For your question: I like all the seasons, since they all have their advantages :wink:
@calismiles such an awesome card, I love it!
many thanks to you and your companion :heart_eyes: