Round Robins? Lotteries? Bingo? What to try!

When getting started in Postcrossing, what do you recommend for getting involved-lottery or another activity?

It all looks fun! I just do not know where to begin!

Thank you!


Welcome to the Forum!

Lotteries & tags are very easy to start with - there are all kinds of lotteries to join & expect to play a bunch before you win a card.

Tags are very straightforward - pick a theme you like & tag someone (send them a card) and get tagged by others (they send you a card)

If you have cards you can offer - you can do direct swaps with people or respond to their offers of a swap as well.

And then there are round robins which are more complex & require some commitment to the process - you are generally committing to sending cards to groups of people - each one may be a bit different, but many, many themes & variations to choose from.

I’ve never done a bingo yet, so I can’t help you there. Please ask follow up questions if need be - people are quite willing to help newbies on the Forum.


I would recommend doing the lotteries first


when joining an RR please read the rules carefully. Some state in the rules that cards should be sent according to the persons preferences. So make sure you have enough cards to choose from. There will always be someone with wishes you feel like you cannot fulfill.
The official Postcrossing is not about collecting postcards but the forum is often like that. So if you only have a few cards to choose from look for an RR that does not have requirements like this (and there are plenty of those as well).

RR’s are really fun and the good thing is they are of different group sizes so you can find one with small groups (e.g. send two cards) to try it out and see if you might like it.

Have fun at the forum with whatever you choose to do :slight_smile:


I think you should try tags and round robins, they’re a lot of fun! Some groups are tailored for very specific requests, but others are much more low-key (which is my preference.) I personally enjoy the Just Postcards Round Robin and the Eyes Closed Round Robin, both hosted by the wonderful @JetteLise. The Alphabetical Tag is also a lot of fun and very active.


@pmunz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Welcome to the fun! We have wonderful RRs and Tags, Games and Lottery’s have a ball! :heart_eyes::tada::star:

Many of the RRs that I LOVE have great hosts like @Miss-Cynical @JetteLise @Xeniyya @Bille @Angeldreamer @Shalottslady @Kushboo and @mere5oh you can click on their names and see what RR they host. Please read all the rules BEFORE signing up as some require certain themes and rules to keep it all fair and fun!
I’ve sent almost 5000 cards in the RRs, Tags and private swaps. Hope you join us in some fun groups!


Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation: dear Darcie

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Definitely tags and lotteries. I find bingos and RR complicated and busy​:see_no_evil: I’ve met some fantastic people on tags and it’s opened up my creative side again :sunflower:

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Why to choose?! :grin: but seriously the most important is to read first post rules for every tag, as they are not all the same. Some are offer tags, some are requests, so it’s very important to follow the rules! And welcome! :heartpulse:


I started with lotteries. They were a quick way to get some postcards right away. Now that I swap with so many people and have more official slots, I don’t really use them any more. But I’d do lotteries and then tags. RRs are not my thing but many obviously like them.

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When I started out I joined lotteries and tags. But I have found that I prefer RR and it’s easier for me to organize my information for sending out.

i still join a lot of lotteries though! Bingo seems way too complicated for me.

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thank you toetsenbord

dear @Pixiedustlady :smiley:

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I didn’t realised lotteries existed until we had the new forum like 18 months ago :joy:

I was scared of tags and RRs and they looked so complicated even if I read the instructions many times. So I did my first tag I think after like 18 months of being around, and RRs after over 4 years. I much prefer officials (because you don’t know what you are getting and from whom) and having regular penpals/postcard pals (because you get to know someone) so I rarely do any of these.

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