Roll Control: Stamp Dispensers

You can never have too many rolls of stamps, but you can have a shortage of places to keep them.

That is my current problem (admittedly, a nice one to have): I have four rolls of of adorable stamps, three of which were just…well, rolling around my desk. You may think, “That’s too many stamps,” but it’s not my fault that the post office keeps issuing adorable animals in coils of 100. :nail_care:

For Christmas, my husband gave me this little beauty, an embossed metal (perhaps pewter?) box with the USPS logo on top:

(You can tell that my husband inserted the stamp roll himself. :sweat_smile:)

I wanted to buy another, but to my dismay, they are no longer sold on the USPS website, and are heavily marked up elsewhere online. Out of curiosity, I explored what other stamp dispensers people were using/selling, and found a wonderful variety:

Here’s a mid-century brass one featuring Mr. Lincoln!

Here’s one with a little scale to calculate postage!

Here’s a fancy one with half-cylindrical depressions inside to hold TWO rolls!

Here’s a little wooden mailbox!

kelvin chen

…oh, my. :star_struck:

But my window-shopping was becoming overwhelming and potentially expensive, so in spite of better judgment, I decided to make one. After all, I had some old blocks of oven-bake clay in storage, and I just needed to make a simple cylinder with a slot in the side, right? It couldn’t be that hard… :thinking:

(Never mind that I have never enjoyed ceramics and almost invariably end up rage-quitting.)

I lost count of how many times I wadded up the clay and restarted the whole project, but ultimately, I ended up with this:

…I kind of like it. It’s mostly cylindrical, the lid mostly fits, the slot is mostly large enough for the stamps to pass through, and the little birds had not fallen off the last time I checked on it. And the stamps are not upside-down this time! Overall, I would count it as a rare victory over clay for me. :partying_face:

Now, I want to see your stamp dispensers, whether they’re fancy or simple, homemade or store-bought.

I also want to see which one(s) you would like to own (let’s assume money is no object, for fun).


Hello! It is very interesting. I looked at your photos with pleasure. These stamps are so cute! But in our country, postage stamps are not sold in rolls.


Oh, no! That is unfortunate. I wondered if stamp rolls were sold around the world. :thinking:

I suppose you could use them for extremely tiny spools of ribbon or rolls of stickers.

That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know these existed. But after looking through all the photographs, I thought, hm…

So in a couple of minutes, I whipped up a cheapskate origami version. :sweat_smile:


That’s GORGEOUS! :heart_eyes: And you didn’t even have to bake it! :joy:

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I’m terrible at baking. I better not think about attempting that!


I’m surprised I didn’t burn down my kitchen! Did you already know how to make this, or did you follow a tutorial?

Origami boxes are probably one of the few things I know how to fold well with paper. I just did a little modification with cutting the slit on top.


Ha! I’m on a roll. :laughing: I probably should stop now.


Please don’t! :smile: They’re super cute and would make great little gifts, too!

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If only paper tape-sticky tapes for decorating postcards, etc.

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All the pretty stamps are sold in sheets in Germany, I’ve got one box dispenser for our 80 cent definitives, but I only use it for all the “official” stuff related to my volunteering.


I found this in a second hand store years ago!


Wow that‘s so cool!

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These all look so amazing! Mine is just the basic plastic one the post office sells:


Adorable! :gift_heart: Ooh, I miss browsing antique stores for little treasures like this. And I regret not buying my barn stamps in a coil instead of a sheet. :sweat_smile:

And @qrulez, just add stickers or paint and it won’t be basic anymore! :sparkles:


I use a prescription bottle. It fits 2 rolls of USA stamps.


I love that there’s a space for a stamp savings book, too. Do you remember those? Like S&H Green Stamps, that you could save up and exchange for merchandise.


Memories of long ago! I remember both my mother and grandmother saving their stamps. Thanks for noticing!



German flower definitives come in rolls if you order many and they’re just all over the place. The dispenser idea is so great! I’ll see if I can get something like that online. :heart_eyes: