Returned card

I got an address in Belarus near the end of July and i sent a card which will expire. When things open back up, I’ll send another but I would rather keep “ownership” of its destiny than send it to a third party.

I did not put a return address but…

…this is genius! I’m going to permanently borrow this idea.


I tried to get a refund as well on 2 cards that were sent to Russia that were returned to me, but USPS said they wouldn’t refund because I can just mail out the cards again once the route is restored.

They did tell me that I wouldn’t have to put new postage…that I could just bring it to them and they would deliver it.

In my case, my swap partner moved to another country and I sent the cards in an envelope to her new address. But in your case, hopefully once mail is restored you can send out your cards without paying extra. I don’t know how it will affect your sent/received, though, if this is an official card, because it most definitely will expire before it’s received.

I don’t normally do it, but ever since Covid started—with all the mail suspensions happening, etc.—I’ve been adding my address more frequently. But usually only for cards that I don’t have a duplicate of, so that it can be returned to me if it can’t be delivered and I can try sending it again later.

Like @sarahaeyo wrote, I would use washi tape to affix a small piece of paper on the card with my address on it. When it arrives, the receiver can remove it without damaging the card. I learned this through the Chain Card RR, given that we take extra precautions not to lose cards that have been traveling between members for months. :wink:

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With US stamps, peeling them off would probably damage the card since they stick on paper so aggressively.

I see from your profile that you’re from China. I’ve found Chinese stamps come off paper easier so if you want to send new stamps and can remove the cancelled stamps without damaging the card, that should be ok. But if you’re going to use new stamps anyways, may I suggest just putting the card with the cancelled stamps in an envelope and sending it off that way…if sending cards in an envelope don’t cost extra for you.

Also, you may want to check with your postal office if they’ll resend the card as is once mail is restored. For my returned cards to Russia, USPS told me if I resend the cards after mail is restored, I wouldn’t have to use new stamps…I could just give it to them with the cancelled stamps and they would deliver it.

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I include a return addresses and got a card back from Belarus this week. Same as you!

Except mine had black mold all over it, both outside and inside the envelope. :astonished: I have to wonder where mine sat for 6 months!

Lol. Kudos to you for the evocative description.

I’m a purist with postcards and don’t include my return address … But maybe I need to reconsider for mail to countries with unpredictable delivery

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Today my card sent to Georgia was returned back to me with a seal saying “service suspended”