Return addresses on postcards

I handwritten my return address and none of my expired postcards ever returned back to me.

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I don’t put a return address on my card, only to my card to the Ukraine I’ve sent on 18th March because I don’t know if post is working there so my card could return to me and I can sent the card later again

I would contact the support in that case and tell about the issue.

There have been lots of threads about expired cards. Because the US postal service is becoming so slow and unreliable, I have considered putting my return address on postcards. Traditionally, we don’t do this with postcards in the US. But, at least they might come back to me instead of rotting away in some “dead letter” office - and expiring! Also, on the negative side, it would take up space better used for the message - or stickers or washi tape!

I’ve thought about making some stickers with tiny print and just the address. For the US mail, if I put it in the very top, left corner, the postcard should find its way back to me if it can’t be delivered.

I know there’s a privacy issue, but if someone in Germany or Norway wants to go through the effort to track me down in Florida, they’re welcome to!:blush::beach_umbrella: (But, I’m a long way from Disney World!)

What do you think?


I made small labels for my cards but use them mostly for envelopes on the forum.
The yellow label is the back of one,compared to the card


I very rarely put a return address on a postcard to a stranger. The privacy issue is not so much them having it, but once you send a card you have no control over what the recipient does with it. Not everyone follows the Postcrossing rules strictly, and if the written side of the card ends up online somewhere, I don’t want my address on it.

If that wouldn’t bother you, then you might as well, and yes it would give the card some chance of being returned if not deliverable. Though of course some mail will still get lost, never making it to the recipient or back to the sender.

Do you have a bunch of those little address stickers with pictures on them that non-profits send out? On the rare occasions when I do put my return address on a postcard, I use one of those, either cutting it down to just my actual address (which is often really tiny, giving me more room to write) or using one with a nice picture that goes with the card or the person’s interests in some way. If someone loves wolves, I don’t mind taking up space for an address sticker with a nice photo of a wolf on it. The only thing is I have to write “USA” by hand beneath the label if sending internationally, but it still takes up a lot less room than writing my whole address by hand.


I’ve been mailing my postcards with a return label for a long time now. I have 3 different stamps and 2 types of sticker labels. I’ve only received 2 cards back undeliverable.
This is my favorite label, laminated and very small(.44"x1")


I put a return address on all of the cards I send out. I have had several cards returned to me, and it has cut down on the number of lost cards I have. I use the tiny Avery stickers that measure 1/2 inch by 1.75 inches and I include my user ID rather than my name. I figure my address is out there in the world in so many forms, I don’t worry about it being on my postcards.


Same for me! At last there are not too many cards lost forever. And I really want to use that space for other purposes.

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myself and others have posted some tips on including your return address without sacrificing writing decoration space on this thread: Returned card - #20 by sarahaeyo

These look pretty good…thanks!

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The website doesn’t impress but the labels are really good quality (laminated ones at least).


I rarely put a return address on a card. If it gets lost, it gets lost, and having it returned to me doesn’t do me any good. But when I think that the receiver is especially interesting, and I’d like to keep a door open for them answering me, then I put an address sticker on the card.

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I use a small rubber stamp which includes my user name and home address.

Last month a card was returned to me because it was deemed undeliverable to Belarus.

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I don’t know, but I wouldn’t have enough space to write anything to the recipient if I added a return address to that limited space. I also doubt if an international country would return the card if it was undeliverable.

But now that I think about it, I think there was a post here about people getting postcards back.

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@fujirock can you post a photo of your stamp…oh🤣 guess you can’t, we don’t put our addresses out there publicly.

I do not put a return address on postcards. There isn’t very much space on the card, and I don’t want to confuse the USPS either.
When a recipient requests an envelope for their postcard, then I put a return address on it, which I think may be required by USPS for envelopes.

Not recommended. But if you still want to do it, make sure your address label is placed VERTICALLY on the postcard. Otherwise the automated USPS system might send the card back to you.


I just started putting my return address on most cards a few months ago - and for the same reason. I was hoping either I might get less expired cards, or at least if they made their way back I wouldn’t lose the card, or could try again. I haven’t been doing it long enough yet to know if it helps any. I am still getting about 3 to 5 percent expired, and I have yet for a card to come back.

For keeping it small, I have a couple charitable organizations who send me labels unsolicited, and they are super small when I trim it down to just the address, so I use those.

Did it arrives safely?