Rescheduling dates

I’m happy to meet up inside or outdoors. The most recent weather forecast makes it look like the chance of rain is subsiding around 2pm. If the consensus is to postpone I understand.

Update: forecast looks even better now.


You are welcome to come up but it may end up just you and me
I was full vaccinated so I am ok with going to a restaurant

Here my friend said Starbucks was open (never gone to this one don’t often go)
We misunderstood each other I meant to sit in she just meant open

The other place when I called for a table it is first come first serve
And I kind of thought that place to begin with since it is right by the park figuring if it was to windy or something we could just go there

I know you are a long drive so if you don’t want to come for just one person I understand


good cards,pm sent

For rescheduling
I can Saturday 22
For sunday either 15 or the 23

I know at least one other person was ok with Saturdays before Memorial day

So lmk what works best


Rain this weekend seems likely
So unless people are good with the 23 of May we may have to reschedule in June any good weekends for people

Hello. Will it be possible to receive your postcard? The second, with several photos. Who can you exchange with?

Hi, can i swap ?
I cam offer cards from out meet up or my swap album: