[REQUEST] Year of the Ox for Wedding Gift

My wonderful fiance, with whom I just celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary (paper), also shares his Chinese zodiac with the 2021 Year of the Ox! My birthday is April 1st, his is April 2nd, and we’re getting married April 3rd.

As a wedding gift, any Year of the Ox things we receive will be put into a collage for our house.

Stamps, stickers, postcards, ANYTHING! you have that is Year of the Ox themed (or similar) would be wonderful!

I will absolutely reciprocate with a card of your choice from my cards in stock.

Available Postcards : http://bit.ly/avail-postcards

Please DM/PM/u2u (which you call it) me if you’re interested.


Request still open.

I have a couple of things if you still want. message me your address if interested

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Still open.

Request still open.

I think I have some cards more but need control at home.

@jewelldelis I have something that I’d be happy to send you if you would like to let me know your address

Congratulations on your wedding :wedding:

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Send me a PM.