[ Request: Watashidayori わたしだより]

Hello there!
I am collecting Watashidayori わたしだよえい cards while I was traveling in Japan, I missed card from 鹿児島 限定. The post office was closed when I visited. Anyone would help me it will be much appreciate.

There are some few places I dont have yet since i will come back to visit next year but if you also have these cards and want to swap please let me know:

パワー箱根, 沖縄 ウミガメ, 沖縄 竹富 屋根とシーサー, 仙台仙台めぐり,名古屋しゃちほこ

I have cards from Norway to swap or if you are collecting WT, GF, MOTW, FOTW, World Fashion please drop me a message. Swap only for watashidayori. Thank you so much.


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