REQUEST : Looking for Adrian Tomine illustration Postcards - OFFER : See my post

Hello, greetings from Japan!

I am looking for Adrian Tomine postcards, blank. Does anyone have them ? If yes, could anyone please offer them to me all blank in an envelope ?

My offer :

  • Handmade postcards, made with my carved stamps
  • stickers from Japan
  • Japanese viewcards
  • pretty envelopes
  • Japanese free Art AD postcards
  • a store-bought brochure in English from a Housing and Living Museum in my city in Japan
  • cat postcards (photo) by Mitsuaki Iwago
  • mix of the above

If you are interested to swap with me, please message me anytime and if possible, please describe or show me your offer cards.

Thank you! :four_leaf_clover:

Edited to add :

Still looking :slight_smile:

Anyone ?