Request: LGBT stamps! Still looking for esp. Philippines, Argentina, Iceland, Hungary, Australia, Liechtenstein, Greenland and United Nations

Hey there!

I’m looking for LGBT-related stamps and would love to get them twice (once on an envelope and once on a LGBT-postcard). If you have the stamps, but no card, I’ll send you one in an envelope.

Right now I am interested in these stamps:







New Zealand:



Also interested in other LGBT stamps. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot to everyone who already helped me here! :slight_smile:



I can help you to get the Erwin Olaf stamps from the Netherlands. Let me know where to send them to and how exactly you want to recieve them.


Hey Corno,

thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the stamps (1/2/5 - seen from the left - so actually the ones with guys) and would like all three on an envelope (maybe you want to swap cards in an envelope?) + on one or up to three gay-related cards. Would that be okay?

What can I offer you in return?

Hallo Xiao,

Ich kann dir die drei verschiedene Marken auf ein einziges Umschlag zusenden und einige schöne Jungs als Karten einschliessen. Auf Karten muss ich je zwei Marken aufkleben. Also, welche Marke hättest du am liebsten einmal extra?

Falls du einige schöne Karten zurücksenden kannst und vielleicht noch welche Briefmarke für meinen Mutter (sie ist der Sammler) dan würde mir das freuen.

Brauche ich nur noch deinen Anschrift.

Alles gute,


Hey Marcel. I got the Bugs Bunn stamps.

Like I say, Before Drag Race, before RuPaul, Before Stonewall, there was Bugs Bunny. KNOW YOUR HERSTORY

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Sent private messages to both of you. :slight_smile:

I have the spanish one in mint condition, but I can’t send it in a postcard because I’m not living in Spain. Would you be interested?

I can send you the Spanish one from Spain, if you are still interested. Let me know!

Hola Eva!

Thanks for your offer. I’d be interested in a swap. :slight_smile:
What can I offer you in return?


Hi! I’m happy to help you to get the Hungarian stamp if you are still interested. I can get you the FDC or just the stamp. Which one would you prefer?

I’m interested in these topics:
Official postcrossing stamps
Colorful stamps about animals, old fashion clothes, horse pulled vehicles.

Best wishes, SR

I didn’t realise there were so many LGBTQ+ stamps! The ones from Iceland and Liechtenstein are amazing!

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There is an interesting website on “lgbt”-stamps. :slight_smile:


I have the Canadian Anniversary of Same Sex Marriage if you like

Sure, that would be nice! Do you have a gay-related card, too?


Also looking for the new stamp from New Zealnd - as well as all others. :slight_smile:

Ohh, I love them! Now I want them too :joy:

Philippines here
i can offer the stamp

Let me know if you need this one:

Hey there. :slight_smile:

I already have this one, but would love to swap it, if you have a nice fitting gay-related card to put it on?! :slight_smile:


Ahh, unfortunately I don’t at the moment. I’ll message you when/if I get one :slight_smile: