Request: 2007 USPS Star Wars stamps

Hello dear American Postcrossers!
Recently I happened to receive a card with a Star Wars stamp of this series and I remembered that 10 years ago I tried to receive all of them. At the moment I’m missing 5 of them and I was wondering if there would be someone who has those and would be willing to swap with me? I would love to receive the stamps attached to the card.
I cannot offer any special stamps. Just normal Finnish international stamp or domestic ones + 10 cents stamp. But I have some nice cards including Harry Potter, Northern Lights, art from the Fantastic Beasts, Santa Claus, Moomin, Sámi art etc.
I have done some serious photoshopping to show you which ones are missing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :

Please, send me a message, if you’d like to swap with me!
Happy New Year!