Replies of messages

@Cassiopheia my point is that it not only shows it there, but also in the tread.
For example I could have replied with this message, then it would also be posted here on this place in the tread as well.


Yes, if you reply to a post you can see that underneath the replied post , but as @Cassiopheia wrote, is only shown when you actively toggle it.

Not on my phone? It’s just in the tread, as @vogelwikje is saying. :thinking:

Thanks for the information. I didn’t noticed that because I mostly use my Laptop.

Yes, it’s different on phone/mobile device.
Here you have no option to “toggle it up”, only when you use a browser.
But you see a picture and a arrow on the right side, which leads to the post the reply belongs to.

I checked it on my smartphone and I see no reply in the original post.

Yes, you see that in the reply post, but not in the original post.

And you never see the answer direkt in the original post (not on my smartphone)
Either you see it only if you toggle it or you see no answer in the original post.

Hope it’s understandable with my bad english.

This is also a test reply. :laughing:

This is also a test reply. :laughing:

Two tests above. One I replied with a quote which is my preferred way of replying to someone because you can see (part of) what I’m replying to. The second one is a true reply, I can see it as a reply, with the arrow which I can click, but I also see it at the bottom of the thread.

I see your test answer on my laptop also in the original post (but i have to toggle it), but on my smartphone I see nothing but my words .

Pc, Laptop or Smartphone?

This was PC.

On my phone, Apple, I can see both replies in the thread, but there is no arrow in your test-reply to go to my test-reply, just like @Jarana said here. I can see an arrow pointing me back to the comment that was replied to.

Okay, my smartphone is Android. It therefore appears that there are differences between the various systems.
Glad we were able to clarify this :sweat_smile:

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Can you see the reply straigtaway or do you need to toggle the little arrow to be able to see it?

Personally I have to toggle the little arrow to see the reply, which I don’t, I read on and somewhere along the way I read the reply. Most of the time it makes sense and if it doesn’t I click the arrow going back to the comment it is replying to.

I kind of treat this like it was in the old forum, I very rarely reply to comments, I simply quote it so whatever I am replying to is right there as well as my reply.

Also, this way you can reply on several comments and you don’t get that window saying you are commenting too much. :roll_eyes:

I see the reply at the end of the tread. If I want to see it underneath the message which it was replied to I have to actually click on a button for replies. Basically if I open up the reply with the button I see the reply 2 times in my thread.
I agree with you that as long as people quote each other it is fine that a reply also comes at the end of a thread. But when people do not quote I thought it was confusing to follow the normal thread. Like I have for this thread now :roll_eyes:

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Yes, I find it more confusing as well. In the old forum, there was no reply button so I think people were more aware of it potentially being confusing, or simply used the quote button as a way of replying which made it less confusing.

I doubt if it can be changed, and even if it can be changed, they might not want to change it.

So, on a personal note, I have made my peace with it. And I treat it a bit like reading a book in a different language, I gloss over the parts I don’t (completely) understand. Life is confusing. It is what it is.

To demonstrate, I see this when I did open the arrow of replies and 2 people did reply. Beneath that I see again the reply of Billie, but there is no picture with an arrow?

Ah well, it is easily done to just get used to this new way, it is not a big problem. I just wanted it to say something about it anyway, because maybe it was an easy thing to change. @nekelin says is nicely in my opinion, I think that is the right attitude.

When someone replies to the the last post, the they will not be linked together. If more people reply to the same post, it will show as reply, but not back. As it’s not necessary when the post + the reply directly follow each other.

Ah that makes sense!