Rename expired postcards

Many people seem to be confused about expired postcards and what it means, if the postcards can still be registered… I think that part of the confusion comes from the word expired. So maybe renaming the state to something that describes the situation better could be helpful. I was thinking something like long travelling list or something, we can discuss here. I am sure someone can come up with a better term.


This is a good idea. You’re right, it seems to seriously confuse newbies. They seem to often think that because it’s “expired”, that’s it. Nothing more can be done for that card. It wasn’t registered, it’s now “expired” and so it never can be registered.

Off the top of my head, I don’t know what alternative word could be used though.


Here’s a few suggestions.

The wandering ones
Aimless postcards
Lost and (yet to be) found
The ones left behind
The little postcard that could
No country for old postcards
Lost but not forgotten
The ones who took it too easy
Better late than never


I love those. In the same vein and trying to keep it short:

Wandering postcards
Exploring postcards (as in they’re off exploring)
Wayward postcards
Slow pokes (don’t know if that’s too American of a phrase)


Off the charts
Forgotten ones
Sleeping nicely tucked
Late but fashionably so.


If we wanted to be cheeky…


Mail I’d Like to Finally receive.


The scenic route
Detoured cards


Here’s some suggestions:
Out there somewhere
On a detour route
But well. It’s always helpful if newbies are guided to read F.A.Q. I think that there that term is explained well.


I hate the fact I actually loved it :joy:


A few people suggested ‘wandering ones’ and it sounds pretty fine to me. I also have the ‘lost cards’ in mind, I don’t know if this is exactly the right word for it, though


Detoured is the best so far!


Someone mentioned ‘wayward postcards’. That seems perfect to me. It encompasses lost, off track, wandering, not where it belongs.


How about “extra slow cards”?


I don’t think renaming is a good idea.
When I joined Postcrossing, I carefully studied the rules, so the word “expired” did not confuse me at all. It seems to me that there is no need to rename. All beginners just need to read the rules carefully. And if they still can’t understand something, they always may ask for help :slight_smile:


I agree and it’s something I’ve thought about too. “Expired” implies that more nothing can be done, when technically postcards are just still travelling. :woman_shrugging:t3::blush:

I totally get that something had to be built into the system to manage ‘still travelling’ cards at a certain ‘cut-off’ point, but “expired” feels too negative and final for me. Not a criticism, just something I have thought about too, that maybe another term would sound less negative for something that really isn’t! :upside_down_face:

The suggestions are gold though! :joy: “MILF” is my personal winner so far!! :joy::joy: But I suppose, if it was going to change, we’d need something a bit more sensible and clear, especially for new joiners. :grin:


I disagree with all suggestions above because they just make people more confuse. The initial suggestion was meant to find a simple word to replace “expired” not to find a C2 proficiency word.


On their way cards?


Food in German has also an “expiration date” “Ablaufdatum”, which doesn’t mean you can’t eat it after the date. The English declaration “Best before” is way better of course, but the positive aspect, being used to that for me expiration doesn’t mean it’s final, it’s just like with food: The longer it’s not received/eaten, the more likely it gets that it is totally lost.

Edit: @RalfH and @csr95 are right: the official declaration for the “best before” is “MHD” or “Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum” (see next post of @RalfH).


It may have different meaning in German but the English definition of expiration is

If something that lasts for a fixed length of time expires, it comes to an end or stops being in use

Of course people can just read the FAQ like most of us did. But clearly it is still confusing for many and I think the name could be better even if it may not be a single word term.
I also agree with @yudi that people are mostly making fun of it at the moment but I still hope we can come up with something good :slight_smile:


Well, indeed, it falls of the statistics of the traveling postcards on the main page and it’s considered to not arrive by the algorithm, which would give out the address again, if the sent of the recipient is greater than the received.
So there are reasons to call it like that.
But if there’s a better name, go for it! :slightly_smiling_face:
(In Germany there’s also the discussion to call the expiration date for food better, because people don’t get it and think the food is bad.)

Ghost cards? Before they fade into non existent after the year?
But that would be confusing with the term of ghostcrossers created here in the forum :grimacing::sweat_smile: