Registering a card you didn't receive

I register cards that were in my informed delivery that didn’t make it to my mailbox. I’ve had a ton of new carriers and they misdeliver the mail at times. Neighbors used to be better at putting the misdelivered mail back into the system. I can generally read the message and if I can make out the ID I will register it as it should have made it to me.


Very kind of you. And a special situation you are in.

If a card I sent expires and the user is still active, I always asked them to register it. Granted my request is made by mail, on a second postcard.
As far as when I receive such a request (by email) I usually comply. I understand that postage is very expensive in some countries. I do ask if they have a scan of at least the front for my wall, but will ultimately register it anyway.

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I think this is a great way to solve it since you are sending a postcard and the receiver then actually receives a phyiscal postcard from you.

However, without truly receiving an actual postcard in the mail, I have a zero tolerance policy for registering it since it is simply against the rules.

I had such a request only once before and emailed the user back letting them know I had checked my received pile just to make sure I had not missed the card somehow (I got really concerned for a moment), but that the card had not (yet) arrived. It did a few days later. :slight_smile:

The travel time on the card was about twice or three times longer than usual and the card had expired when it arrived (62 days from U.S.A. to Switzerland), but it was sent over Christmas so that might explain why it took quite a bit longer than usual. :slight_smile:

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