Registering a card you didn't receive

I agree, lost postcards are part of the game. I don’t register cards that I didn’t receive, it’s against the rules.
I just recently got a polite message asking whether I received the postcard and maybe forgot to register or maybe the sender forgot to write an ID, not even directly asking me to register it. I think this is OK, it never hurts to ask. The reply you got sounds to me like a guilt tripping to make you register it.


I never register cards that I have not received and I never ask others to do so.
Before the pandemic, I sometimes wrote them after 40-50 days asking politely if they had already received the card and the ID number, in case I had forgotten it or they could not read or find it. Then I regularly got the answer back that they had already received the card, but had forgotten to register it. :frowning_face: Since the pandemic, I hardly send such a message anymore, because a lot of mail is severely delayed and some mail just gets lost.


Nope… the rules are there for a purpose.
Carry on!

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@TORSAM - I totally agree with @delenn_mir regarding when to send a message; at least 40-60 days. But most of the time people do register the postcards promptly when they arrive. So there’s not much point in sending a message in my opinion.


I do not register cards, that I have not received. And that is what I reply in such cases together with “I am sorry”. If I would get a rude reply on this, I would report that to the staff and maybe they’d turn to that rude member or even close their account. But so far I have never faced a rude reply.


I am afraid that kind of guys keeps complaining if you do not reply.

I had the opposite case this year. In December I sent a card to Taiwan, which counted for , but it was not registered by the end of January. So I asked the addressee if it had arrived. I described the picture side of the card, but I did not write the ID in my PM. He answered, that something with the ID was wrong and asked the correct one. I passed it to him and then he disclosed that he actially did not get the card at all. Of course I sent a second card.


I have never been asked this before and I’ve received over 70 cards.

I wouldn’t register a card I haven’t received.


I don’t mind registering an expired card personally. But I would prefer if they at least offered to send me a new one to make up for the lost one first.
When I have a card go expired, I get in touch with a brief description and ask whether or not they have received it?.. More times than not, the person received it, and forgot to register, and apologises and registers. If they haven’t, I send them a new one, as it’s not fair that they should miss out a card due to poor postal services…

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Sometimes I do, when it’s over 300 days.

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This is exactly what I’ll do. I’ve had several Postcrossers message me to ask about a card, to which I’ll just reply that I’ve not received it, but I will keep an active lookout and register it the moment I receive it (which I already do anyway).

I will not make any promises to register cards that I did not receive. As much as I feel it is a pity, because I do have cards which get lost along the way too, but I’ll just move on, and that person should too. No one should ever demand for you to register a card you haven’t received. These profiles should be reported to keep the Postcrossing community a friendly and safe one.


You are probably right about that…

I always wait until it expires (60 days). If the card goes to China and Russia I always wait 90 days.

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Recently I got a private message informing me that she hasn’t received my card from a tags 25 days ago :mask: :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_head_bandage:
I don’t know what to say :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: It’s only 25 days


Tell her how long your mail to her country usually takes and that it may take even longer now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I wonder why impatient people take part in Postcrossing!

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My guess is that people don’t realize that the mail actually travels slow! Really slow sometimes. :snail: No wonder they get impatient when they are totally sure the mail should have arrived already.


Thanks for info :+1: :norway:

Takk skal du ha for info :+1: :norway: Vi snakkes igjen :grinning: Hilsen Tor

I’m surprised people would ask about a slow/lost card after only 40-50-60 days… I’d say minimum 3 months pre-pandemic, and more with the pandemic (or not at all, so much stuff has been lost I don’t even want to think about it).

I said it before, I’ve been into mail since before the internet existed, like many others, and I’m pleasantly surprised when any piece of paper arrives anywhere at all :joy:


I have asked people to check if a card has arrived but I don’t ask or expect them to register it. One person didn’t like being asked to check saying they always register any that arrive, so I assume they thought I was asking for it to be registered. I used to send a second card but some of those haven’t been registered either so I gave that up.