Recipient deleted image

The sender can delete the image if they were the one who uploaded it in the first place. If the receiver uploaded the image, only they can delete it.


A sender of one of my received postcards (sent and received in 2022) deleted the image (was uploaded by the sender) last week.

Thought it was strange, and have no idea why, but won’t spend time trying to figure out why.

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The person who deleted your image was the same person who deleted mine. I have a feeling it’s the same prolific postcrosser that’s doing it across-the-board. I re-uploaded mine. I have cards stored in date order so it was easy for me to find it. I was curious to see if they’d send me a message about the upload, but they didn’t. In my case, I just found it odd that they deleted an image from November.

Edit to add… It is the same user for many of us. I just double checked it. That’s odd.


This same user deleted the image of the postcard they sent me last year.
I sent them a message and asked the reason. The answer was they like the idea of PostCrossing being about a physical postcard, not a digital postcard. So after a while they delete all uploaded photos. There was also an explanation why they uploaded the images temporarily. But here I won’t disclose it as probably it’s not good to overquote a personal message.

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But they still have sent cards on their wall going back to 2015, so that doesn’t make sense, why do they only delete some cards, not others? x

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The receiver may have re-uploaded the photo after it was deleted like I did, or the receiver uploaded the photo when they received the card. The sender can’t delete a photo the receiver has uploaded.


There’s a lot of them though, not just one or two, if you can’t remove them all why bother removing some, it still doesn’t make sense to me :woman_shrugging:t3: x

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I woke up to one of those “sender deleted this image” emails this morning. For a card they sent me in 2019. :woman_shrugging: It took me about 5 seconds to re-upload the image from Dropbox (I save all card images that are uploaded by the sender to my Dropbox account, just for cases like this), so it’s back on both my wall and theirs now. Don’t know what they wanted to achieve.


Same here.
It took me also only some seconds to find and download it from my Flickr and upload it on my wall and on theirs too.


Well, all problems in regard to copyright are not theirs anymore, but yours (and postcrossing’s, maybe)

Not that it’s a regular problem here (yet), but that could be a reason

(Happy midsummar)

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I very rarely delete cards from my wall. I have done it only when someone sent a folded card rather than a postcard or when someone has sent a political card.

However, I just received a message that a sender deleted the picture of a card they sent me back in 2020. That seems very strange.

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I wonder if it’s the same person as all the ones mentioned recently, was it an account in the name of two people? x


it can be someone being environmentally conscious, storing pictures costs in term of electricity

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@Johnk60 @WrenAtTheBeach I got a similar email, looks like it was the same sender that deleted the image for both of y’all.
Normally I would just scan the card and upload the image again but mine was received in 2020 and would take a long time to find in my “received” pile. Very bizarre


Mystery solved! I messaged the sender who many of us noticed had deleted images to ask about the reason behind it, and they explained that their preference is not to have the postcard images uploaded permanently because they love the idea of Postcrossing being about a physical postcard, not a digital postcard.
They further explained that the only reason why they upload photos of the postcards sent is so they can describe the image when messaging a postcrosser after the card has expired, and that many times the card has actually arrived and the receiver just forgot to register it, or did not know that you can message the Postcrossing Support team to ask for help with a missing ID and so on. They intended to delete the images after the postcards arrived to more deeply embrace the physical mail aspect of Postcrossing.

So that’s what’s up with that. Personally, I like having the wall of images but to each their own


This also happened to me and I was very confused. lol!

I actually did find the card fairly easily in my stash! I noticed they had sent many cards from the National Parks set at the same time so I thought maybe that’s the one I had received… I have that specific set on display in my office, I checked them and it was in there. So, I did repost the image.