Recipes around the world

I would love to have a few (secret) family recipes from around the world written to me in a card!

If you’re from France :fr: I would love to have a recipe for Brioche bread :grin:

Ofcourse I will send you a card in return :sunflower:

Kind regards Leonie


Id love to send you a recipe for a lasagne. Its not a family secret (since im not Italian), but it is a recipe my grandfather held close to his heart (if that counts)

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Yes I would like that so much :slight_smile:

What what size recipe card? Any preference? Do you want it in an envelope?

I have a recipe card from India if you would like to exchange.

am interested if you still are doing this exchange!

I’m interested in it :slight_smile: please PM me

Hello Leonievanvliet
Do you want vintage recipes from Romania?..