Recipe Swap

I’m from the U.S and would love to exchange recipes with people from different countries, or even within the U.S! I’ve studied culinary arts for years and low learning about different traditions through food. They can be postcards, handwritten, anything! If you’re interested let me know!


Hi! My name is Anna and i love to cook. I can write to you in a letter traditional recipes of Russian dishes, and some of my favorite dishes from other countries. I would also like to get interesting recipes)) Write to me

hello! would love to send you recipes. I’ll PM!

I have a postcard with a Haggis recipe, PM me if you want it.

I am interested …

Hello, I am a Chinese high school student, I may not give you too much? But I want to make some international pen friends. Would you like to? I can write stories about my life, about movies and books. At the same time, it can let you understand Chinese culture.

My boyfriend is from Colombia and can write a recipe out for aji (Colombian salsa) or I can message you it

Hey, i live in germany Berlin, have some good Recipes, if you want I can send you some

Hi, I think this is a great idea. I love to cook, and have hundreds of recipes cards and books. If anyone wants to exchange with my just message me. You can send me a request with something certain you’re wanting or I can send you a suprise recipe card. I can send you a suprise card with a special request in a certain category Ex: deserts or pasta.

I have a very simple recipe (Indian) postcard to swap…

Hi! I like cooking can I do a swap with you?

Hi - live in the states but I lived on Guam for a while and have a bunch of recipes from when I was there if you’d like.

i would love to exchange recipes with you i am from the usa and native american

Abbey, you shouldn’t write your address here in the forum, when everyone can see it.
If you click on the name of the person you want to contact, you open a pop-up window where you can see the “message” button.
So you can directly talk with that person ang give your address safely.