Receiving more cards than you send

You mean they’re counted as sent/received? I’m afraid not! Cards are only counted as sent once they’ve arrived and are registered, so you’re definitely not eligible at the moment.


Yes, I there are registered mine cards in september and october, but didn’t received cards matching them

How do you come to that conclusion?

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I love sending to Germany, because usually my postcards will be delivered and registered quickly, so my postcard imbalance (sent/received) will be sorted quicker.


I’ve always had more received than sent, but today it finally evened out :upside_down_face:
That does mean I have not received a lot of cards in the last period, oh well.
The system works but the pool is so incredibly big, sometimes it just takes a while.


I think it was meant in the context about repeated countries. Lots of people want more diversity in their countries and Gemany is the one country with the most cards sent so far.

( I have repeated countries and own countriy checked in my settings, it don’t matter for me where the receiver of my cards live, but of course I also enjoy sendung to rare countries.)


it’s what @Jarana said. a lot of people want to send to different countries (i came to that conclusion by all the complaints on this forum). so people in, mostly, germany, the usa, russia, have to wait for all the cards they deserve whilst people in other countries receive more cards than they send.

i also think the whole ‘send/don’t send to repeated countries’ option should just be gone. everyone would get ‘rare’ countries evenly and most importantly, everyone would receive cards evenly. but i guess that’s a whole different discussion.


Thank you very much for your reply. I just wanted to have that point clear. I also like to have more diversity, so I support your point!



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I never noticed this! :exploding_head:

I agree 100%. :slightly_smiling_face: I, for example, send to repeated countries because I think it’s fair to everyone, not because I wouldn’t like sending to a rarer country occasionally. If everyone just got the next address in line, our chances would be equal - and, more importantly indeed, the problem of receiving way too many cards at once would most likely be gone. Receiving cards in batches is a bit stressful. Now that my account is inactive due to moving, it’s been so relaxing to just send without having to “catch up” - even though I know that a huge pile of cards will be waiting for me once I activate my account again. :grin:

It will be interesting to see what moving to Germany will do to my pattern of receiving cards. Currently my address goes into the pool multiple times every time I have sent one more than received, and then I end up receiving 10-15 cards more than I have sent in a very short amount of time. I would love it to be just “one for one”. It would be more random and even and make my mailbox happier more often. :blush: Or my doormat, actually, because I just have a mail slot on my apartment door! :grin:


I have 410 sent and 417 received.
I have 6 non-expired travelling (and 5 expired).

I’m supposed to go inactive because I’ll be away for about 3 weeks (for the first time since we all know what), but it doesn’t make a difference at all at the moment. Of course I’ll set myself to inactive as I’ll probably catch up just before I leave (well if I get to leave because we all know the times we live in) but it totally doesn’t matter if I do it tomorrow or next week.
(Of course I also need to send more to catch up because I need 8 of mine to be registered before I’m due anything).

By the time I’ll receive cards again, it will be mid/late January 2022 (based on when I plan to become active again + travel time).

Recently, I’ve done again the trick of going inactive after a card of mine is registered, bringing my sent higher than received. It has diluted my receiving a bit so for a while I was roughly even, until more, slower cards kept pouring in.

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I am quite new and from my understanding I will only receive a postcard once I have sent a postcard and the receiver has registered my postcard, and it will be counted as “sent”. So the numbers of postcard that I receive should be lower than the numbers of postcard sent. But why currently I have 17 received postcard while I only have 15 sent postcard? Postcrossing is giving me some bonus postcards?

Hello @lingch4n Welcome to the forum. I moved your question to this Topis and here you’ll find the answer :puzzled:


This will balance out. I have more cards travelling right now. A lot of them to users who are today as well in the plus, ofcourse they where not when I got the address.

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I had more received than sent for a while but now I am exactly even. I am new since October.

I think a lot depends on how long it takes Traveling cards to arrive.

I have 1 card traveling to Russia for 48 days so far. And others for a long time as well. So my address would have been given out and I received cards faster than I am sending.

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As I haven’t read the whole thread, I don’t know if anyone from the team has ever answered any questions in here, but here is Paulo’s answer from a different topic.

Why your account is selected many times on the same day

Does anyone have the same or knows why postcrossing is doing that? Don’t get me wrong because I really enjoy every single postcard but I also wish to enjoy them every now and then instead of having nothing for a month or two and then receiving six of them almost at the same time!


@Sylwia_Soya I moved your post to this Topic and please read also in the Topic that @borealis mentioned