Receiving more cards than you send

Well, this is not how things are anymore. At least the cards I receive are sent in batches.

For example the latest time when I finally catched up with sent cards again. September 10th I got hurray message saying “now YOU will receive a card from another random member”. (Before that the latest message like this came in July 20th) Next my sent card was registered the 12th Sep. So far I have received 16 cards sent on 11th or 12th September. (I have excluded later dates of cards sent to me from this because quite many cards I had sent were registered after 12th September.)
Luckily this time some of the cards have travelled quite long so all 16 cards didn’t come on the same day.

That’s good then lol I wouldn’t be complaining either. I sent 7 cards and only 2 of them are registered and I received 1 postcard back. I am still waiting until someone register my cards so I can be free up to send more cards. Unless someone on here like to message me and send each other postcards till I’m free up again? Lol

@kennedy you can join tags or round robins or do some swaps or even get penpals :slight_smile: Lots of activities here, and they are often of interest to those just starting while they wait for things to speed up and get more exciting :smiley:

right now i have 15 more received than sent. sounds a bit ridiculous to me, so much. and it’s not like the netherlands is such a rare country.
it means that one week i get about 4 cards every day (that’s a lot for me, i don’t send a lot of cards) and then some weeks almost none. luckily i still get some forum mail in between or it would be a bit sad.

I’ve been receiving a lot of cards, it looks like my address was given out about 19 times between 8th and 10th October. Only one card of mine was registered on October 8th. I wish my address hadn’t been given out so many times, sometimes I go weeks without any mail just trying to catch up with my received count.


Hi! I do have a question: I saw a profile who had received more postcards than sent. How is this possible?

Hi! The answer in the official site F.A.Q. is:

“The algorithm for selecting addresses is complex and there are instances when your address will be selected a bit more often than you expect. Count it as an early bonus — your sent/received numbers will even out in the long run.”

It has been discussed also in this thread:

Personally I have now received a few more cards than I have sent, because my address was given out when I had lots of cards travelling, but many of those got expired due to unexpected mail delays. At the same time I was sending less official cards as I was more active in the forum games. Now those long travelling cards of mine (hopefully) start gradually arriving and I will send more official cards, so the amount of sent cards will soon catch up with the amount of received cards once again.


I wonder, what could be the reason for me to receive one postcard only from September until now ??? Given that there are registered at least 15 of my postcards in September, October and November and about 15 more traveling?
:disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

After I observe the day when one of my postcards arrived and the day when another user get my address, it seems that someone will send you a postcard only if your postcard arrive. Therefore, the last postcard for you may be sent after September.
Additionally, the COVID epidemic makes the time of travelling longer than before. In our country, any postcard and letter should be checked carefully by customs before delivery.
Please be patient, if your postcards were registered, you will recieve some soon. They are on the way to your mailbox. :wink:

Hi! Looks like you’ve received 361 cards, and only successfully sent 353, so you’re not currently eligible to receive cards. Once the cards you’re sending arrive and are registered, that should be enough to make you eligible again!

Postcrossing doesn’t work exactly one-for-one, the algorithm sometimes tries to anticipate, so sometimes you can end up with more received than sent. It’ll always even out over time, don’t worry!

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yeah it’s because you’ve received more than sent. i have this problem as well. i receive a loot of cards in one or two weeks and then i have to catch up again (send more) so i’m not receiving cards for a long time. you can check your hurray e-mails though, if it’s says that you’re getting a card, like this

you can start waiting for one!

it’s because you’re not living in one of the bigger countries, like russia or germany. so your profile/country gets given out more because people don’t want to send to germany.

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I think it’s more than sometimes! :grinning: Those of us who don’t live in the HUGE Postcrossing countries (Germany, USA, Russia) are all in the same boat. Once we have more sent than received, our address will be given out numerous times. Then we will have more received than sent, and have to catch up. At least you @tobain have some in the post, so hopefully they will be registered soon.

As an example, I was in your position, but on November 7th, two of my postcards were registered, which meant I was due postcards again. But instead of my address being given out twice, because I was owed two postcards, it was given out 15 times.


This is because the are expired - not registered or not received. But they are counted after 60 days.

You mean they’re counted as sent/received? I’m afraid not! Cards are only counted as sent once they’ve arrived and are registered, so you’re definitely not eligible at the moment.


Yes, I there are registered mine cards in september and october, but didn’t received cards matching them

How do you come to that conclusion?

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I love sending to Germany, because usually my postcards will be delivered and registered quickly, so my postcard imbalance (sent/received) will be sorted quicker.


I’ve always had more received than sent, but today it finally evened out :upside_down_face:
That does mean I have not received a lot of cards in the last period, oh well.
The system works but the pool is so incredibly big, sometimes it just takes a while.


I think it was meant in the context about repeated countries. Lots of people want more diversity in their countries and Gemany is the one country with the most cards sent so far.

( I have repeated countries and own countriy checked in my settings, it don’t matter for me where the receiver of my cards live, but of course I also enjoy sendung to rare countries.)


it’s what @Jarana said. a lot of people want to send to different countries (i came to that conclusion by all the complaints on this forum). so people in, mostly, germany, the usa, russia, have to wait for all the cards they deserve whilst people in other countries receive more cards than they send.

i also think the whole ‘send/don’t send to repeated countries’ option should just be gone. everyone would get ‘rare’ countries evenly and most importantly, everyone would receive cards evenly. but i guess that’s a whole different discussion.