Receiving cards issue

Hey! Hope you’re all well.

I have a quick question. When I send a card and the receiver registers it, I used to see on my email it saying “congrats a new card is on its way to you!”

I don’t see that on my last few emails when my sent cards have arrived and I havnt received anything in a while.

I’m just wondering if somethings wrong? Should I get the message to say a card is on its way each time a card I have sent has been registered?

Any help is much appreciated


I think it’s because your sent and received card numbers are now even. When another one of the cards you sent gel registered, you will get the hurray message saying a card is now on its way to you. If you have less sent than received, you only get a hurray and your adress is not given out.


Ahh! Perfect! Thank you so much! I’m new to it all so this is my first experience with this. You’re a legend. Thanks again for your time and support. Have a good day!

No problem, I’m glad I could help! And I also discovered how this worked after about 600 cards sent/received :sweat_smile:

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