Received postcard thank yous…

Hello! I am fairly new to postcrossing and enjoy it immensely! Whenever I receive a postcard, I use the little box when registering to send a thank you to the sender. I have never received one from someone that I sent a card to. Is this common? Or perhaps I don’t know where to look😊


Welcome to Postcrossing Jeralynn!
Have you checked the email account that you used to register your cards?
If so, have you check your SPAM box? Sometimes, we have to tell these machines what we want to read … :wink:

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The thank yous come to the email account you registered when you signed up for Postcrossing, not to your Postcrossing messages. And even if the recipient did not send you a note, your email should get a message from Postcrossing that the card was received. So if you are not getting that either, something is wrong. Check your Settings to make sure you put the right email in the form. Then check your Spam as @HookedonPostcards suggests.

I always acknowledge the cards as they come in and almost all the people I send to also acknowledge the card has come and some response. It is rare that there is no acknowledgment at all.


Thank you so much! I can hardly wait to check!

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Thank you! I’m going to check now!

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Omigosh! I just spent some glorious time in my email reading responses from my sent cards. This is a totally sweet part of postcrossing that I have been missing out on. Thanks to you both for your rapid and helpful replies :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I closed this topic now because the problem is solved.