Quirks, anomalies, etc. on PC.com

I enjoy investigating or at least noticing/pointing out things that look like glitches. Sometimes they might have a reason, and sometimes not! Fun nonetheless.

Yesterday, I saw on the Explore Countries page that the nation of Niue had just one postcard sent. I clicked on it, and no postcard showed up. Seeing that the code of Niue was NU, I thought I might try typing in a specific postcard address in the search bar. I found this:

It’s a postcard with Niue’s code, yet the card’s page shows that it was sent from Germany. Upon investigating that user, she had 5 cards with the NU prefix, yet they all show travelling from Germany. I don’t know what it was like before Travel Mode, but perhaps this was something like that.

I have just identified the one card actually sent from Niue:

For one more quirk, I noticed this card, which appears to have travelled from JP to PT in 0 days. Potential admin register? Even if so, that’s a fast turnaround!


Interesting. I recently had a card registered pretty much right after I requested it and before I could send it because the recipient asked the admins to preemptively register all their cards before they changed their address. It would have made more sense for them to write on their profiles to let the senders know that their address was changed, but this was a newbie who was a bit confused about the process.

Maybe this explanation from Paulo (about PT-1) can help to understand those cases from Niue :wink:


Interesting. So the card was actually sent from Niue then, but the user then moved to Germany, converting it into a German card (with a NU prefix). Shame that the recipient doesn’t get to see Niue in their stats! But such is life…the recipient still can know in their mind, and the NU prefix is still there. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!

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And regarding PT-1 and quirks, it was sent between Paulo and Ana, and then the next two cards were sent from her to him. So it has been done that a user has sent to the same user twice. :wink: Boss’s privileges. :slight_smile:


And PT-7 was again from Paulo to Ana. Oh the good old days of postcrossing tests :sweat_smile:


Love it. I build rudimentary programs myself for use in my teaching, and testing is the ‘fun’ part.

Wow, this is a speed record.
But rather it looks like a collusion of participants on both sides.

Is there a way of going back and looking up previously sent postcards? Like PT-1, PT-2, etc?

Just figured it out!
Main website page…explore…search…postcards!

Just a side note, it would have made more sense to set the account to inactive some time before the move so that no cards are on the way, and then at the new home, change the address (with registering all traveling cards)

But I thought from the system it will automatically register all traveling cards if you change address?

Postcards do travel more than a month. And when you’re a student in dorms and such, or not working in home country/town you do have to move rather often.

If you don’t mind spending a bit, many postal administration allows you to pay $xx/ month for all mails to you in old address to be forwarded to a specified new address, say for a period of 1 month after your move

Yes, what I mean was to go inactive beforehand, wait a month or longer, and then changing the address.

You still can send postcards with a inactive account and the traveling ones (these to your old address) have a chance to reach you.


No need for searching.
Post the ID here and you can see the card :joy:

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That happened not automatically.
When you change your address you can choose wether the traveling cards should be registered or not.

A few years ago, I was looking at my stats and it said I had a card from Aland Islands. I was very confused, I should have remembered that happening! But when I looked at the actual card, it had come from a Finnish postcrosser who had since moved to Aland.

I had a card travel to a lady in America in one day. She amended her address and all traveling cards were automatically registered. I still sent the card but hadn’t yet when it was registered.

The same thing happened with this card https://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/FI-3835660 which travelled from Finland to Russia in two days. They also amended their address and all travelling cards were registered by Postcrossing team.

I haven’t had even noticed that it affects to stats too! The sender of my only card from Luxemburg has moved and just now I realized that Luxemburg is not shown on my stats even though I have a card with an ID from there. Haha, hope to get another card from there soon, this just ruined my day! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I also remember the case (wouldn’t be able to find a postcard though, maybe later), that some Russian postcrosser was registering her postcards and decided to test the theory that her address is being given to someone in the same time. She looked at the ‘What’s happening now’ part of the pc.com with ‘sent card to Russia’ and tried to guess the ID of cards being sent atm. To her surprise after couple tries she registered a card to herself with very low travel time :slight_smile: