Questions about the new forum

At present, like in the old forum, most topics are visible/indexable to Google, with a few main exceptions: the #everything-else and #trades-requests-offers:spread-the-joy categories — this was also the case on the old forum and we just replicated it here.

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Is U2U still a thing? If so how do I find it? If not what are we using now?

We send messages!

Click on the name and then the Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-28 um 17.38.01 button :smiley:
Also, they may look like a normal topic but you can always recognize a private message by the :email: symbol at the top:

You can access your messages by going to your avatar in the upper right corner and then selecting the :email: tab

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How do you know when someone has replied to a thread? On the old forum and every other forum I’ve ever seen, you would see the name of the last person to post in another column on the page.

For threads that you are tracking, you will see a count of new replies since you last visited. You can check who the most recent poster in the topic is by mousing over the last profile icon next to the topic title. If the original poster is the most recent reply, their icon has a “halo” around it.


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It is not viewable? I used to have one of my email addresses (specific for swaps on Postcrossing :wink: ) in my old forum’s profile. But well, as the message system here is way more handy it doesn’t really matter :smiley:

Thank you, this was quite helpful!

Thank you this was excellent assistance!

Or am I misinterpreting this?

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I don’t think so! :wink: I haven’t paid attention to those preferences yet!

Thank you for highlighting that Billie.

Is there any way of sorting the user list into alphabetical order? It seems to be in hearts list underneath one’s own name.

Why doesn’t contributing to a game send an email automatically when you get a reply whereas contributing to other threads does?

You get a notification every time someone posts in a topic if you set the topic to “watching”.

You also get notifications everywhere else if someone mentions you with @ or directly replies to your post. Did the person reply to your post or to the topic? You won’t get a notification if it was just a comment on the topic and the topic was not set to “watching”. Also, were you online when the reply was posted? You only get an email if you have been away from the forum for at least ten minutes. Otherwise, you only get a notification within the forum. You can change this in your preferences under “Email”

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Thank you. This is stupendously complicated. :expressionless:

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I have searched and not been able to find anything on the topic of printing…particularly printing the private messages that get sent with all of the addresses. Will there be a print button added at some point? printing the internet page often causes quite a waste of paper.

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Oh, I was talking nonsense. I didn’t get the badge for 100 likes but for 100 liked posts - which is a difference! I guess then I received my badge in a timely manner, too :+1:

@Angeldreamer, this topic might help.

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thank you :slight_smile: I also found the initial notification email in my email program’s inbox after I had posted (the notification came a few days ago and I had forgotten) and think i will make a point of printing from that.

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