Questions about the new forum

I had the same thing when I used the emoji picture. When I used the emoji command : herb : ( without the gaps), the tutorial continued. It was the last task of the first tutorial.


Hi! I had a traveling notebook open for singing up but I had not sent it out yet. i looked in the traveling notebook section of the new forum and searched for my notebook but it wasnt there. what happened to it!?

Hi! Welcome aboard the new forum!

Please know that the content from the old forum won’t be imported into this new one. So if you’d like to continue your traveling notebook topic in the new forum, just open a new topic here and copy the content you’d like.

Don’t forget to tell the participants in the old forum thread the link where they can follow the updates from here onwards!

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Okay. Thanks for the advice. how do I get to the old forum and move my traveling notebook to the new one?

You can find the old forum at the same link:

Find your thread there, copy it and then paste it in a new topic here. That should do the trick! :slight_smile:

are the categories important when posting a new topic? I am trying to move my traveling notebook to this forum but is a baking notebook and there isn’t a category that mentions that.

Here you can find the section for travelling notebooks:

Thanks so much!

I agree. Why ads? They are very big.

Clicked on someone’s namecard, I see the below.

What does the last entry, “read 5m” refer to. The last time they were on the forum reading something?

Mine says 5 hours, so that’s not it. And I know that someone has read a post by me more recently than that too.

That is how long one has been reading the forum altogether. (The time spent here since joining).


Oh no, so people will be able to see how much time I have wasted when I should have been working!


Is the forum indexable by Google? Will the topics here show up on a Google Search?

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Is my email address visible to everyone else? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

definitely no

Look to other profiles and check it :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to hide it, you can check this in your Preferences → Interface → Other: “Hide my public profile and presence features”

Thank you.
What is ‘forum veteran’? It seems rare.

And no, it isn’t rare -there are many users who joined the old forum since years.

ok, I clicked on about a dozen and only found one. I’ve clicked on some more now and found an old forum member with no badge like that. :confused:

:thinking: Sometimes, it takes a while to show up. I also recently got a badge for 100 received and given likes. I must have reached that threshold a few days ago and reached 200 with both just now (no badge yet, is there one? I have no idea), but only now was I given the badge for 100 likes :sweat_smile: Be patient, they will show up eventually @SailingBy

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