Questions about the new forum

It has to do with trust levels (TL’s). People start out at TL0, and then get to TL1 and TL2, and sometimes TL3. When you reach TL1 you’ll be able to start a topic yourself. Just poke around and read a little bit as @meiadeleite says and you’ll reach TL1.


Him I’m new to Postcrossing and I wanted to ask what are “Lottery” posts.
Here’s what I figured based on what’s on the post:
It works similar to a Giveaway on other social media.
If it’s a chain, the winner is the next one “offering”.
There can be postcards, stamps and other things.
They may ask for some specific prompt to write in the comments.

Here’s what I don’t undestand:
They often ask for a number. What number??
A random number?

If you win on a chain lottery your prize has to match the “theme” of the other prizes?

Thanks in advance, beautifuk community.

Hi and welcome to postcrossing!

The number asked for is the order of the reply: the first one attending the lottery is number one, the second is number two and so on. Many ask to provide this number, because they find it easier to name the winner that way. (But it may also create confusion if many reply at the same time and use the same numbers. That is why some do not ask attendants to number their replies, but use the number of the post instead - that you see by clicking the time of posting).

Sometimes of course one is asked to guess an amount of something, but that is a whole different thing :wink:

Whoever arranges the lottery, decides what they want to give away. There are no rules about that, not even if it is a chain lottery.

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Hi, my friend is new on Postcrossing (she has 1 postcard received and 2 sent), however we couldn’t find section “Games and Activities” and “Trades, requests…” on Postcrossing Forum from her account. Is it an error or she has to do something to enter the forum and participate? If it is some kind of error how to correct it?
Thank you in advance!

Yes, your friend has to spend a little time in the forum to reach the trust level 1, then she can see the games and trades. It doesn’t take long, she just needs to read a few topics and posts in order to get the “basic” badge.


@missBerenice - When one is new on the forum one starts at Trust Level 0 (TL0). To reach TL1, one has to do the following:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

To learn more about trust levels, check out this discourse blog post.

When reaching TL1, one will gain access to more parts of the forum (they will have a lock next to them to indicate that they’re not visible to everyone).


Thank you very much!

Hello, I’ve noticed one of the badges is for 10 consecutive days. Where does it show how many days a member has logged into the forum consecutively?

Hi @Penguin123, welcome aboard! I don’t think it says anywhere — the system will just keep track of it, and awards you the badge when you’ve been around for 10 consecutive days. Note that some badges are not awarded every minute or hour, so it can take up to 24 hours for it to show up on your profile.

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Well I am disappointed, my photos upload to 100 percent and then errors out before they will post here, I am wondering why just on this site… it has worked here before.

I have beautiful red spider lilies blooming now.

Sounds like there’s an issue somewhere… :frowning: I haven’t heard of other people reporting this problem though, so I wonder what’s up. Could it be that the files you’re trying to upload are too big, or in an unusual format? And if not, maybe you could give it a go with another browser or device, just to check if that works?

Thank you I will try that.

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Do we have a topic

Stuck travelling (sent)

Like on the old forum? It is only since today I’m missing this.

The topic for complaining only, not discus. The ventilate pages.

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Haha, I missed it yesterday or the day before, when a new Topic was opened (don’t remember, what is was).

Edit: Postcrossing (Legacy) Forum - Stuck travelling (sent)

It was opened by @mundoo - maybe you will open it again, Vicky?

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Or shall we not?? What I liked about it was the complaining without expecting help or comments.

A notification subject.

I am a bit surprised we have done it without this since the start of the new forum - realy a long time.
My Q was not to open this one, I just wondered where it went on the new forum.
If up to me only, it’s not essential.

Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for: Your greatest cards that never made it

Not realy. (@borealis)

Stuck travelling (sent) was a topic for Travelling 0-60 days postcards. That where stuck in travelling time.

There are several topics for Expired 61-365 days postcards.

Your suggestion is for postcards that have no status at all in postcrossing anymore, removed after 365 days.

Is there a way to wrap text around images? Or is that ancient HTML territory that we should not think about doing in the 21st century :grinning:

I don’t think that’s possible here (at least not easily)… :frowning: The forum keeps the formatting simple, so that there’s less of a chance of messing up things, and people can stay focused on the content and not how it is presented.

You can have 2 images side by side though!