Questions about the new forum

But it doesn’t look like it was ever reviewed. Or maybe it was and they thought it would be taken care of because it says that it is going to be deleted, only that the system is saying nonsense in this case because it will never be automatically deleted. :thinking:
It’s this post:

I think maybe the flag was “passed” without action by one of us, probably because we thought it was already going to be deleted… but if it doesn’t happen, then we might have to be more careful with these in the future. :thinking: I’ve deleted it now!


Thank you! @meiadeleite

You are right! That looks weird :sweat_smile:
I removed the level 2 now.

Where can I access the New User Tutorial so I can get the badge?

Just ask postpot to “start tutorial”. (The very first private message you got in the new forum should have come from postbot, titled “Greetings!”)

I realized too late and deleted the original message. Can I asked postbot anywhere?

I think so, but if you want to make sure, you can write a private message to postbot. Just use the command “start tutorial”

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Thank you so much!

Yay! I did it! Thanks @Kanerva


Hello, how do I close a topic I started ? I have received replies that help me understand better so I would like to stop any more posts. Thank you!

Flag your own topic, choose the option something else, and ask the moderators to close it. :wink:

Edit: or just wait @Bille to pop up and take care of it. :joy:


Which topic is it? I can close it.


Hello, it was in the general topics. “Thoughts on members who send…” Everyone’s answers helped me understand better. No sense in continuing responses. I appreciate your help in this and this whole community!


This one?

It’s always easier if you provide the URL for a topic that needs some kind of maintenance.

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Hi so perhaps this is a daft question and I already know the answer…

When I message a member, the NEW U2U as it is, how do I know that the member has READ my message? I can see that the message has “Views”, which I presume if it says “2” then that’s myself and the person I sent it to? It’s just that with a U2U it was more obvious that the recipient had read the message. Thanks.

@EDC83 I moved your post .

And yes, you can never know that exactly, but you can guess from the number of hits on the message.

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Thanks for moving my post… Shame you can’t know for sure like the U2U…

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Yes, this has been discussed several times, but it is what it is.


I have a follow up question to the message one. If I open the message twice, does that count as two views? Or does it count each user once?