Questions about the new forum

The old forum will stay as an archive. In a few month it will be read-only. All threads still needed should be moved here. If you have a topic on the old forum you want to continue here, there are two options:

  1. Copy everything over here, but it would be a lot of work and not especially nice to read.
  2. Copy only the most important part, so that the discussion may continue over here. Add a link to the old forum on the first post, so that interested people may read everything over there.

If only you want to save it, just copy it to your hard disk.


Will we be able to see our favorites? I usually add a favorite to any thread with a RR where I signed up, so I can find it to go back and report when I received cards. I see a way to get notifications for particular threads, but not seeing anything about going to favorites or having anything transferred over. Not clear, should have a tab for stored threads.

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Is there a section for North America? I can’t find it under regions. We used to have Round Robbins for just NA, not seeing it under RR and no area for NA.

Yes, there is a section for North America, you can find it here: North America

Any threads that you would like to see continued need to be transferred manually from the old forum.

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You may bookmark any desired topic

Or change the status to tracking or watching


I remember someone mentioned this in the sandbox but I overlooked it… Can the messages be shown as Read here?

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You can only see this indirectly by checking how often the message was viewed which can tell you whether it was read in messages for two people (or more if you monitor it and who’s online veeery closely) I think otherwise you’re out of luck

Thanks! :+1:

Is there a way to drag the images in Profile Header and User Card Background to the position that I want?

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when I go to the forum from my phone, I have an ad on the all screen at the very beginning, and I’m sorry, but it’s terrible and inconvenient( could you please do something about it?


I’m afraid not — you need to adjust the images before uploading them.

I agree, that does look quite big on mobile. There’s a few things we want to tweak on the ads but we plan to look into that in some time to give opportunity for more people to give feedback on existing setup, so that we are not constantly changing it.


Ok… I’ll try!

How can I add a country flag to my profile? Apologies if this was already answered; I looked in the introductory guide but could not find an answer. Thanks in advance!

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Check your preferences — it should be under the Profile settings.

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, to see the National Flag dropdown. :slight_smile:

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Found it, thank you!

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I saw that some people are using the usercard to add links (like in our signature in the old forum). I’ve been doing this as well. But now I want to keep my usercard private. Has anyone found any other place to put in a signature? Or is my only option to use my profile on the official site?

I found that there are three “undefined” flags among the options. Are they intended for users to choose from?

I think the profile on the official site is your way to go, I, too, find this lacking :slightly_frowning_face:

Could somebody tell me how muting a category works? My default interface is set to ‘Latest’ and I’m not so interested in the topics from the Languages and Geographical Communities section. I’ve muted it in my preferences but the topics from this category still show up on my latest feed.