Questions about the new forum

OK, I must be missing something, because when I do that it just lists, for example @fisherman and says “Moderator.” It does not say what topics Fisherman is the moderator of. Or maybe it does, but I am not seeing it…

@ColorfulCourtney If you look at the Round Robin section as on the old forum there are two moderators @Geminiscp and myself. We can also help out on any other section as required.

And just to add a screenshot to @fisherman’s answer:

Above you see the caption Round Robins, so you now the people listed beneath are moderators of that section. Maybe it’s shown in a different way on mobile devices?

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

AH!!! Duh!!! Thank you! I didn’t see that header before.

But…why are there only mods listed for Round Robins and Tags? Who moderates the other topics, like “Postcard chat!” or whatever?

I guess there are no specific moderators for the other section, but just whoever sees it / recognises the flagged post.

I have a question about messages… How can we find all the messages we’ve sent to a certain person withoit having to check AAAALL the messages in out inbox? Is there a way to see our interactions with a specific user, or filter the messages etc?

The reason is simple, I need the address of a person and I know I have it in a message somewhere but looking through 200 conversations is not the easiest thing…

If you click on the search icon (the magnifying glass) in the upper right corner and then on “options” underneath the search field, you get taken to an advanced search where you can search for a user name and tick the box “in my messages”.


Hi Maria
You also can click Search icon on your Inbox page, check in “Search messages” and enter @ and username.

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Thank you! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for usernames, just words found in the messages… :frowning:

Hmm, it works for me - I just tested it with “@username” - I found two messages from that person - and with just “username”, which gave me one message where that user is mentioned.

Hi! I tried to use @username function and selected the name from the offered list. However, the username had lines as a part of the name, so the automatic formulation transformed it into bold text omitting the lines. Then I used </> so the name reads correctly, but that probably won’t notify the person. How does the @mention work in these cases?

We are using some special code to handle usernames starting/ending with underscores. From our tests, it should be working, but perhaps we missed some special case. Can you tell which username is causing that?

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Is it possible to add someone back to a group message when they accidentally removed themselves?

Edit: It didn’t work because they changed the username in the meanwhile and I didn’t notice. May bad. Or their bad for not telling me. It works now!

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I have just created a topic in the language section and i would like to add helpful links under it. i have managed to put it in the topic, but not under and get it linked with the grey :link: symbol before it…

can i do do it and how? or does it need a higher trust level?

It’s not possible to explicitly add a link to that section: that’s a list of other topics that have linked to that one.

To add links, just include them directly on the post itself.

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Hi! Sorry, I’m having a hard time with posting a new topic. I did read what I could about the new forum and tried interacting with the postbot, but the postbot just wanted to take me through a bunch of steps that I already know how to do.

About 24 hours ago, I tried to create a new topic to start a game of postcard tag, but it still hasn’t shown up yet. I got a notification about some sort of approval, but I didn’t get to read the whole thing, I’m not sure if it disappeared or maybe I closed the window automatically as it popped up when I hit post. Was just wondering what the guidelines are, thank you so much!

The tag category is moderated, so it means all new topics need to be approved by some moderator before it’s turned public, I think that was what happen.

But I’ll call @JetteLise to correct me if I’m wrong.

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