Questions about the new forum

As I say, I don’t understand and I don’t remember it from the tutorial.
But thank you all.

The tutorial doesn’t cover everything but only the most important features.

Thank you.

Dear @Indreni,

Yes, if there is already a tag with the same theme /subject, this will be the reason the tag was not approved

Tell me, please, in the old forum, we could organize joint purchases of postcards with other postcrossers and created topics for this. Is this possible on this forum?

Maybe it is better you ask that in the Russian Community or open there a Topic by yourself to organize such a joint purchase.

If you would like to do that with other Russian postcrossers the best place is the Russian Community.
And you can organize it there if you would like to do it without an allowance of the admins.
We do that in the German Community too with postcards and stamps.

But of course you can wait of the answers of an admin.

About private messages: at the old forum it was very clear, with an inbox and outbox, very easy to spot the messages. In this one I have everything together, when I’m looking for a message I need to open each one of them and get back and start again, so tiring and confusing! What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to set it up like the old u2u section? (Inbox /outbox/ trash)?

In the Forum User Guide you can read about Private Messages.
If you have questions after reading please ask here again:
Private Messages


Excuse me, would you be so kind to tell, how can I edit the title of my topic I created and a text of the topic? (i want to add a list of participants in a travelling journal to the text of the topic).

@chasingkites - Look for a pencil icon next to the title. If you see it, you can click on it and then edit the title of your thread.

To edit your post, click on the pencil icon on the bottom of the post.

Due to the different trust levels, you might encounter limits regarding editing of your posts/titles. Keep reading and using the forum to gain higher trust levels.

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and excuse me if this topic was already raised- I just can’t find it…

How can I create a “card description box” like on this picture:|230x500

If I go to my cards, I just get this:|230x500

Mostly, I’m accessing on my mobile (android).

Thanks for any help!

If you paste a link to the card page in a separate line in your forum post, it will show up with this description box here in the forum.

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Will try out soon😉

Haven’t read the thread, so apologies if it’s already been discussed: Is it possible to block certain users, so you don’t see their posts?

Click on your avatar > Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 5.09.04 PM > Preferences > Users > +Add. Type in the usernames of those you wish to block, and the desired duration of your block, then click Ignore. Finally, click Save Changes.

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Thank you!

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Please can someone explain to me what it means on the last seen on someone’s profile? I’m inpatient for my travelling postcards to be received.

It’s the last time they were online in their account.

Exactly. It’s the last time they logged in. But don’t be overly discouraged because it’s been a long time. Some people only log in when they receive a postcard and depending on the person, where they live, how long they’ve already been postcrossers, whether there’s a pandemic slowing down international mail, etc., weeks or even months can go by until they finally receive your card–but then immediately log in and register it. Don’t read too much into these numbers. :slight_smile:

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