Questions about the new forum

The post is a wiki so anyone can edit it. If you click the pen symbol (circled in the picture), you can upload a photo.

Looks like so far no one has uploaded any photos, so you would be the first.

Ha, thanks, that makes sense - there just isn’t anything to see yet!

I guess you mean automatic numbering? There was a discussion about it here:

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Thanks so much…it was getting a bit frustrating, especially because it showed correctly on my screen but when I would post it would look differently! I will try this!

Apologies if this has been asked before but is there a way to list / see the latest reply first rather than having to infinitely scroll down? I am posting this from my mobile phone and it seems a bit better than on the laptop. No matter which browser I use on the laptop, it takes forever to load especially if there are a lot of comments. Thank you.

On the bottom of the screen you should see numbers.

Klick there, it will open a bar where you can easily move to the latest post.

Same on you laptop: Depending on the size of your browser window you find either the numbers at the bottom or you can see the navigation bar at the right side of the screen right away.

Please check the user guide for more information on that, this link will lead you to the chapter about the scrolling etc: Forum User Guide
And feel free to ask again if you have more questions :wink:

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Thank you for your reply. My question was about something else.

I did read about the scrolling and how its used on here. I was hoping there would be a user setting which would allow you to personalise the view so its not endless scrilling. It’s frustratingly similar to MicrosotftTeams where you cannot see your entire conversation or posts. You have to endlessly scroll with no options for search etc.

Again, the scroll functionality here is not too ideal especially when a topic has over 100 answers and I would like to be able to sort and see the latest answer first rather than last. I have to scroll contonuously or select a scroll menu and click another option to go all the way down. I

t looks like the answer is no for now? There is no setting to personalise the view with the latest post first.

I experience a slow scroll process especially when people add many links to replies (e.g.: links for postcards, shops etc.) It seems slightly better experience on the phone but the phone screen is not big enough to be reading 100 replies or more.

Anyway, I hope one day there will be an option/setting to see latest replies first and not have to scroll endlessly.

On that scroll bar, if you click on “3m ago” you will move directly to the last post in this topic. And if you click on “Oct 2020”, you will be directed to the first post.

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One way to do this without opening the topic and scrolling is to click on the reply count. You can then get to the last reply by clicking on the latest timestamp.


You can search using the magnifying glass icon at the top right.

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And if you want to search only the topic you are in, you can easily tick the box beneath the search field that opens after clicking :mag:.

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How can I make a swipe gallery of images instead of showing them all at once and making my post/reply super long?

There is a camera icon on top of the message window. When you click it, you can add images between the commands:

Then you get a swipe gallery. It will take a couple of minutes before the photos get re-arranged, so don’t worry if it looks like the pictures just line up in the beginning.

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@Kanerva thanks a lot. I tried it but at first it just moved all images to one side and they still were in line. Pity you can’t see it in the preview mode. Now it worked almost immediately, thank you! :blush:

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How do you know who the appropriate moderator is to contact if you have a question or issue about a certain problem?

For example, I was looking at a thread. Both @JetteLise and @Reisegern had posted, and both had “Moderator” after their names. Does that mean they are both moderators for that particular topic, or simply that they are moderators anywhere in the Forum, and maybe neither one of them is responsible for that topic?

I am a little bit confused about where to find this information.

The information absolut Moderators and their responsibilities can be found at the “burger menu” in the top right corner when clicking “about”.
There are some new moderators here who haven’t been listed there yet, though (eg myself).

OK, I must be missing something, because when I do that it just lists, for example @fisherman and says “Moderator.” It does not say what topics Fisherman is the moderator of. Or maybe it does, but I am not seeing it…

@ColorfulCourtney If you look at the Round Robin section as on the old forum there are two moderators @Geminiscp and myself. We can also help out on any other section as required.

And just to add a screenshot to @fisherman’s answer:

Above you see the caption Round Robins, so you now the people listed beneath are moderators of that section. Maybe it’s shown in a different way on mobile devices?

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Thank you :heart_eyes: