Questions about the new forum

when I go to the forum from my phone, I have an ad on the all screen at the very beginning, and I’m sorry, but it’s terrible and inconvenient( could you please do something about it?


I’m afraid not — you need to adjust the images before uploading them.

I agree, that does look quite big on mobile. There’s a few things we want to tweak on the ads but we plan to look into that in some time to give opportunity for more people to give feedback on existing setup, so that we are not constantly changing it.


Ok… I’ll try!

How can I add a country flag to my profile? Apologies if this was already answered; I looked in the introductory guide but could not find an answer. Thanks in advance!

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Check your preferences — it should be under the Profile settings.

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, to see the National Flag dropdown. :slight_smile:

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Found it, thank you!

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I saw that some people are using the usercard to add links (like in our signature in the old forum). I’ve been doing this as well. But now I want to keep my usercard private. Has anyone found any other place to put in a signature? Or is my only option to use my profile on the official site?

I found that there are three “undefined” flags among the options. Are they intended for users to choose from?

I think the profile on the official site is your way to go, I, too, find this lacking :slightly_frowning_face:

Could somebody tell me how muting a category works? My default interface is set to ‘Latest’ and I’m not so interested in the topics from the Languages and Geographical Communities section. I’ve muted it in my preferences but the topics from this category still show up on my latest feed.

Do you mean these at the bottom of the emojis list?

They are custom badges we added. Which reminds me I need to try add some text to translate those headers.

It might be that if you mute the top category, the sub-categories are not muted too. In some cases, this may be what one wants to do since there may be topics at the top category level that one doesn’t want to follow, but still be interested in (all or some of) the sub-categories.

Can you try muting some sub-categories to check if that does the trick? If it does, then the solution is the add all sub-categories. You can do it by visiting each sub-category itself and use the :bell: icon, or on your preferences.

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Thank you for replying! It worked after I muted a few sub-categories.

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Can some one provide images or a video of how to save topics as favoriteson a PC, and then how to find that list? The primary function I used the forums for was to save favorite (groups/topics/sections, don’t know the correct term) for the use of tracking Round Robin participation. I cannot find many of those topics here, nor can I figure out how to bookmark them. This is a nightmare for how I manage my participation here. It does not seem like many topics moved over from the old system. Navigationally this is much harder to use. Any help at all would be much appreciated, as this has seriously disabled my ability to use the forum.

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You can see a bell symbol under each topic. You can for example select to “track” the topic.

Then you can go to burger menu:

and select tracked topics (ignore the foreign text in my screenshot)

It shows the topics that you are tracking.


Good Morning.
It is known that I have two accounts on Postcrossing (they were created for personal and family reasons in due time, and it was not kept secret). In due course, the person of the Postcrossing “structure” , with whom I had the closest contact, was informed. It was therefore consented and authorized.
At some point someone - someone at higher level, as far as I was told - “discovered” and included “is also oiloncanvas” and “is also RFS” in Forum’s profiles. No problem, at all.
And everything has, so far, gone smoothly until the advent of this new and shinning Forum.
In fact, I find that if I access from the “old” Forum as oiloncanvas I always enter as RFS.
This is confusing and disturbing (I haven’t read anywhere - haven’t I read everything? - that there was no longer possible have more than one account (at least to the Forum “point of view”) or that, in my specific case, I can only access the Forum with one account.
In the current situation, in the new Forum, there is no place to the Postcrossing user oiloncanvas.

In short: I would like to have my situation clarified in relation to the new Forum with regard to the oiloncanvas account (which continues to function without problems - so far until now, from my knowledge - in Postcrosing. Will I also, in future, be unable to use that account (oiloncanvas)?

I will be very grateful for the clarification.
Respectful postcrossian greetings.

You will be in the forums with that username you’re currently logged into Postcrossing main site (because there is no separate login for the forum, all main site postcrossing accounts may enter this forum without a registration. They only need to accept the rules once). To switch you should log out of the account RFS here and on the Postcrossing main site. Sign in to oiloncanvas at the main site. Open this forum, then you should be logged in as oiloncanvas.

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Mea culpa: I hadn’t logged of RFS Forum account…
(All my sucessive attemps where - as it must be - uncessful).

Thank you @Cassiopheia for your enlightening and explanation (and for reminding me the “basics”).
I am still overwhelmed with all this new design and ashtoning features :sweat_smile:

Anyway, theres a difference: in old forum is not possible to enter as oiloncanvas while being logged as RFS. That’s what confused me.


Clarification done.