Questions about the new forum

I am about to take over a Bingo for someone. Is there anything that can be done to transfer post authorship or anything else so that I don’t have to start a new thread and have Bingo participants re-copy their stats (after just having done it to come to the new forum)? If post authorship can’t be altered, maybe I create a new thread and then mods can move over the other posts currently in the thread? (I see where paulo just split a post, so maybe this can be done.)

Post authorship can be transferred! Please ask the original owner to flag their first post with the request, or send us a message about it. :slight_smile:


Oooh, I think I’m the former host. This sounds exciting, I’m gonna try it!

Edit: Yay, it worked! Thank you!

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Is there a way to make pages so that I wouldn’t have to scroll down many, many posts to read the newest posts at the bottom of the thread? In the old forum there were pages and it was VERY easy to navigate. This scrolling consumes way too much time for me and I simply give up.

Also, what is the purpose of two windows I see when I type a comment here?

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There is no pagination, but when you click the blue square with message count:

you can simply click the latest date and end up right to the latest entry.

You are on the computer, so the second view is a preview. You can see for example emojis and pictures and layout as they will be after posting, while on the actual writing space on the left they are in code.

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It’s a good idea to do the Postbot tutorial (you’ll find it on your messages, it’s the one titled “Greetings!”). The bot will help you get familiar with the forum, including its navigation.

You should also have a look through the Forum User Guide as well — there’s a section for navigation with different tips to speed up your workflow. :slight_smile:

How do I go to the beginning of the thread? I still have to scroll up 280 posts…
I don’t see a blue square (I’m in a Mac). This is what I see:

On non-Macs the quickest way I find to go to the first/last message of a thread is to press Home / End keys on the keyboard. I know these don’t exist on Mac, but googleing suggests you “Command + up and down arrow keys” or Fn + left and right arrow keys normally do what Home/End keys do. Try that?

With the mouse you can just grab that thin blue “scroll bar” on the right side, and quickly drag up.

You have the dates on the right. You don’t have to scroll if you click the date/time on the top (you end up to the first post of the topic). In your picture you show the date/time of the last post:

There is a similar date for the first post.
Another way to get to the first post is to click the title of the topic.

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OK, I see a date Oct 19. I just clicked on it and it took me to the beginning. Thanks!

Another thing I just found out that may help others. If you’re on a Mac (not sure if it’s the same on other computers), just drag that blue bar up or down and you can move to various posts and dates.

Clicking the title also works and takes you to the beginning.

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In Preferences, then Interface, what does this do?
‘Hide my public profile and presence features’
Does it mean when people click on my user in the forum it shows ‘Hidden’?
Or does it mean that I won’t have the green circle indicating I’m online?
Will I still be in the list of users on the landing page?
Sorry I’m curious what that is

My profile is hidden. Click on my avatar and you will see that you can only see the link to the official website postcrossing profile. My avatar is not among the “Who’s online” on the home page and there should be no green circle indicating whether I am online. However, hidden users still show up in the user stats

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Oh darn. I might turn that off then, tysm for explaining!

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Good morning. Not sure if this is the place to ask this question, but I will try and ask for your guidance on this. I am still learning the ins and outs of this new Forum.

I have been running a Free offer on PostCrossing for almost 10 years now. My question is this: is it possible to move that offer from the old Forum to the new one Intact? I looked through the User guide, but didn’t see anything. I’ve included the link below. Thank you for your help…

@Cliffside you cannot really move this Thread over here, but you can open a new Topic in this section

You can copy and paste the text from the old forum (from the normal post, not from the editing page). After that you have to do a little “hauskeeping” because here not all works the same way as in the old forum ( BB code, smilies …)


Can you tell me how to find out the official username of someone whose official username and forum username are different?
I’m in trouble because I can’t read their profiles.

In the new forum the forum username is always the same than the official username. (In the old forum you can see both the old forum name and official name in every post). Here, if you click a person’s avatar and then :postcrossing: -symbol, you will see their postcrossing profile.