Questions about the forum

I think it depends on the time. If you open it a second, third, fourth time on the same day, all of them only count as one view. If you open it again the next day, it will be a second view. At least that is what I observed, I am not sure whether this is accurate.


Was surprised to see this new forum, wow! Will definitely start using this more now!
Just one question: I have been the member of old forum & postcrossing site for like ten years or more, but I still haven’t got the “old member” badge for this site. How can I get it? :slight_smile:

sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to update badges… if after that, it’s still missing you can contact one of the admins :wink:
and welcome to the forum :bouncing:

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Hello, How can I delete a private message ? Apologies if this was already answered ; I looked in the introductory guide and find this answer : To remove yourself from a conversation (and thus delete it from your inbox), use the Add or Remove... button underneath the first message in the conversation. but I can’t find this button. Thanks in advance !

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Thank you for your help, @yudi ! For some reason, I can’t see this part in my private messages… Well, it’s not a big deal, I will archive the message instead.

I think you had to click on the arrow (on the right upper corner at yudi’s pic) in your message first, then you will see it.

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You find that option below the FIRST post in the message topic.
But maybe you don’t find it because you are still a basic user.
Just continue reading the forum for a few days and you will receive the status “member”, then you will be able do delete messages as explained.


Oh that must be the reason. I’ll wait until I become a member. Thank you, @reisegern !

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There is a problem about sending pm. When I write a messages in Chinese, there is an error saying that my message is not a complete sentence. How can I send the message out?

Does anyone how to set up the little flag?


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Maybe there is a perfect solution that I don’t know.
But maybe you could write something in English, like “Thank you.” or “Have a nice day.” or something similar.

Each message hast a minimum length. Was your message in Chinese really short? That might be solution to the problem.

But I can receive messages which are even shorter. Even though I added more words, the same error still exists

Can you post an example of the text you are trying to send that gets refused? Also, if you can post the exact error message that can help.

I tried to find a private message topic where someone gave me a link I wanted to revisit, but it disappeared from my inbox. (it’s not archived either) I finally found it in my notifications but when I clicked to open the topic I got a page that said “Oops! That page is private.” But I am logged in?? And now I can’t see it in my notifications either.

I haven’t had this message yet, but I suspect that the sender of the message deleted you from it. That would also be the reason why the message disappeared from your inbox.
If you know the name of the sender you should ask him/her.