Questions about the forum

If you want to ignore someone you just scroll past? I can’t see an ‘ignore function’ and wouldn’t use it anyway.

Does anyone else have to click on their own avatar, then name, then activity, to find where they last posted because they couldn’t find it from the front page?

I mostly agree. I’ve hardly ever used the integrated ignore function on a board software. But I remember one case when a person was getting really mad, with a lot of spam mails etc. For those very rare occasions as first aid, those functions are great. But things like that should always be reported anyway. I’ve never experienced this kind of problem in this community.

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Thank you for the screen grab (and for telling me to click on it, previously). I now see a “muted”. What is that? I’m only asking out of curiosity, I’m not planning on using them.

It’s described below that option, it’s less restrictive than ignoring (you can still read their topics / posts)

Thank you. To me, all these functions speak volumes about the reasons why such options are available in the default software. Past struggles with upset/angry users, attempts (provided) of ways to contain the strife, people taking umbrage against other people and so on. I’ve been around the internet long enough to see entire boards dissolve into cliques and war which inevitably lead to those boards being closed to public view and then being axed entirely. That was just a train of thought, not in any way a prediction! I really don’t take any of these things seriously, that’s why I ‘live downstairs’ in forum terms. :wave:

I agree. There was a time or two when I had an issue with another user personally attacking me or sending spam messages. I reported it to admins and they quickly took care of it. The users didn’t bother me again and I did not have to use any block/ignore/mute features.

Thanks admins (and everyone!) for keeping Postcrossing such a nice community!

Hello, @meiadeleite.
Whenever I reply, there is a green circle in the upper left corner of my avatar. Why does this come with it?
Please tell me how to turn this off.
I’m sorry for your inconvenience but thank you for your cooperation.

The circle indicates that the member is currently online. It’s green in the light theme and grey in the dark theme.

Hello, @Cassiopheia.
Can I ignore it and it’s okay isn’t it?
Thank you for telling me :smile:

Apologise if this has already been addressed - I didn’t scroll through all the messages.

Folks in the Round Robin I participate in are getting mixed up between message threads and the RR thread. I wonder if there is a simple way to make them look more different, e.g. change the colour, or the location of the last post from left to right in the box, or… or…??

@ginzanow And I guess there won’t be a circle if you hide your profile. At least I never see such a circle on my own avatar, and my profile is hidden :thinking:

@JasonDavid I like your suggestions!
This happened twice already in my RRs. So now I always add a notice to all new messages to please reply via private message or in the RR topic and not in the group message. We will see whether that works. It doesn’t only happen with RRs but people are confused everywhere. Someone accidentally shared their address with the whole forum in the sandbox because they replied in the topic instead of a private message :grimacing: And removing it didn’t even help much because it was still visible in the edit history. The post had to be deleted by an admin.

While this forum is brilliant for heavy forum users, you can customise everything :star_struck:, many postcrossers only casually use it to arrange swaps from time to time and this forum is too complicated for them, I fear. Many are not ready to spend time and effort to get used to it. :slightly_frowning_face:

On the other hand, people were overchallenged with the u2u system in the old forum all the time, too. And sometimes, I received u2us there as well that really belonged in the thread for everyone to see.
The only comfort I can give you is that usually this happens in the beginning because people are not used to how everything works but once they get used to everything, there won’t be a repeat. There are lots of new users now, so there are bound to be a lot of mistakes at the moment, but it should get better with time.
The difference is that now instead of one person, everyone will get a notification in group messages and it is very easy in this forum to be spammed by all kinds of notifications that you don’t want to receive, not only because of group messages but also likes and replies and accidentally tracked and watched topics etc.

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Hello, @Feuerstuhl.
Thank you for your reply.
When I hid my profile, the green circle disappeared.
Thank you very much. :grinning:

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Thanks @Feuerstuhl for the thoughtful response!

I think I’ve seen this addressed, but can’t find it.

Is there a way to go to the first post of a thread without going in to the thread (one that you’ve read before) and then clicking the first date on the slider?

This is useful in RRs, where you usually want to check the first few posts, not the last. And as these topics get very long, it can take some seconds to get redirected up to the top.

Hello @helent, if you click on the number in the Replies column of the topic you’re interested in, you’ll get a little popup window showing the dates of the first and last posts in that topic. Click on the date of the first post.

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Thank you! I knew it was possible but couldn’t remember how, was sure I had clicked on everything but obviously not…

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Hello sorry for the inconvenience no noticed that in my answers sometimes the little heart of the like disappears what mistake could I have made? Thanks in advance.

Have a nice day .

If someone else gives your post a like, then there is a short period where they can still retract that like. I guess this is helpful if you accidentally like a post that you didn’t intend to like. I don’t know how long the period is though. If you try to “dislike” a post after a certain time, it won’t be possible anymore. Does that answer your question?


Yes ok
Thank you very much
1 question if I can you see the heart? because I see the symbol of share

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Now you can see a heart because I just gave you a heart

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