Questions about the forum

You will be in the forums with that username you’re currently logged into Postcrossing main site (because there is no separate login for the forum, all main site postcrossing accounts may enter this forum without a registration. They only need to accept the rules once). To switch you should log out of the account RFS here and on the Postcrossing main site. Sign in to oiloncanvas at the main site. Open this forum, then you should be logged in as oiloncanvas.

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Mea culpa: I hadn’t logged of RFS Forum account…
(All my sucessive attemps where - as it must be - uncessful).

Thank you @Cassiopheia for your enlightening and explanation (and for reminding me the “basics”).
I am still overwhelmed with all this new design and ashtoning features :sweat_smile:

Anyway, theres a difference: in old forum is not possible to enter as oiloncanvas while being logged as RFS. That’s what confused me.


Clarification done.

How to use the Watching / Tracking / Normal / Muted options for notifications, as well as the Bookmarks, seems to be something people struggle with at the moment… :thinking: Maybe I should write about them in more depth for the user guide?

Let me know if you think that would be helpful!


Hi @paulo!

Sorry for the confusion. I mean the “undefined” options under Preference --> National Flag. I’ve picked one of them and an unknown flag is shown. :thinking:

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Have you read this topic already?

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That’s odd — I don’t get any undefined flags on mine. Can you try refreshing that page and check if they still show for you after that? Make sure to select a regular flag before doing that. If it still shows, could you please open a topic on the #postcrossing:bugs about it so I can take a closer look? Thanks!

@Feuerstuhl Thanks, I had a sinking feeling that would be the only option. Oh well, if I have to choose between privacy and convenience, privacy will win every time. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

@eta55 Hi, I don’t know how to provide images/videos, so I hope my written explanation will be clear enough. Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Can’t find many topics: It will take a while to transfer things over. For RRs, we’ll have to wait for the hosts of the RR to transfer them to the new forum. I’m in the same boat as you…some of the RRs I participate in have moved here, while others are still in the old forum, so it’s a bit irritating to keep going back and forth. I think once everyone is on one forum, it will be easier. We just have to wait out this transition period.

Favorites: The closest thing I’ve found that’s equivalent to “Favorites” in the old forum is bookmarking the topic/section/whatever it’s called. Example: For RR, go to the RR you’re participating in and scroll to the end. Below the last post, but above “Suggested Topics”, you should find a Bookmark button. Click on it and it will ask you to name the bookmark. Usually, I just call it whatever the RR is called. Now if you want to see all your bookmarks, you can click on your icon on the top right of the screen (beside the 3 lines, search magnifier, and house). Once you click on your icon, it’ll expand and you’ll see a bell, bookmark, and envelope. If you click on the bookmark, you’ll see all the RR/tags/etc. that you’ve bookmarked. :wink:

does this work better on google chrome than firefox?
or another browser altogether?

; )

Is there a place where a forum username links to their official profile ?

You have to hit the :postcrossing: button in the usercard or profile

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I’ve only used Firefox and Safari and the experiences were very similar. However, this forum is easier to use on pc than on a phone.


Oh, thank you Feuerstuhl !

While watched topics are pretty much the same as the subscriptions in the old forum, the favorites function did not move to the new forum. Instead, we have bookmarks and tracked topics here and they are two separate things.

Bookmarking is the first thing you learn when you do the postbot tutorial! If you would like to do the tutorial (and learn a lot of nifty tricks), follow these steps: Go to your avatar in the upper right corner and select the message symbol :email: Open the very first message you received in this forum called “Greetings!” and do whatever postbot tells you to do.

The tutorial starts with a bookmark:

You can start the advanced tutorial by typing “@postbot start advanced tutorial” in that same message.

However, you can not only bookmark topics, but also single posts and even private messages so you can also use the bookmarks to create To Do Lists.
You can find the bookmarks by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner and then selecting the symbol. They will always appear in the order that you bookmarked them.

If you like to have your favorites ordered according to last activity or want to have both a to do list AND a place where you store all favorite topics - but both of them separate, then have a look at the Tracked Topics. You can follow @Kanerva’s instruction how to mark a topic as “Watching” or “Tracking” and if my memory serves right, you can also learn this in the postbot tutorial. The Watched Topics are pretty much the same as subscriptions but Tracked Topics are not exactly the same as favorites since you will always have a little counter with them of how many posts in the topic you haven’t read yet (which, depending on your personality, could be annoying, so choose well whether you want your RRs as Tracked Topics or Bookmarks or a mix! You can simply mark all of them as read on the Home page though by clicking “Dismiss…”, without actually having to read them.)

You can find your Tracked as well as Watched Topics by hitting the burger menu next to your avatar in the top menu and selecting “Tracked topics” or “Watched topics”. The unread Tracked topics will be under “Unread”:


This is possible using bookmarks too. When you use the keyboard shortcut (g,b) to get to bookmarks, it opens up this page ->
Here, you can toggle the activity header to order posts/topics by latest activity. Messages don’t show up on this page though. :thinking:
I’m also not sure whether shortcuts work on mobile.