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Yes. If you were the one that wrote the 1st message, you can remove everybody. (don’t know exactly how it works, but the option to remove others is active - I only had removed myself…)

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what means the number in a grey circle that is placed after the namens of certain tags or round robins?

Do you mean that?

The number indicates how many new posts have been written since you last read the topic.

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Question: does the colour mean anything? When I’m browsing the different topics, on the right hand side it shows the number of views and the number of replies. Some are orange and some are brown although most of the time they’re grey…
Thank you!


The brighter the colour, the higher proportion of “likes” to postings.


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Hello! I sometimes see this notification in private messages and have no clue about the meaning and function of it. For example a member tagged me, asked for my address and removed herself from the dialogue. Does this affect anything? The message is still in my inbox, if I reply in this thread, will she get my message? or should I start a new one? Thank you!

When someone removed him/herself from a message, it’s the same as deleting it.
It is still in your inbox, but it disappeard from his/her inbox.

If you will contact the user again, you can invite him/her again to the message.

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Thank you for answering! So it means they deleted it. I find out how to invite a member to a message now. Last time I just clicked the “reply” button down the thread and wrote my words, like a normal reply. I’m not sure if they received my message or not?

If it was after the user removed him/herself, he/she didn’t get your message.

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Now I get it. Thank you so much for solving my question!

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Is it impossible to unlike a post?

No, you can unlike it - just tried it with your post. But maybe it’s a question of member level? :thinking:

You can unlike a post within a few minutes after you’ve liked it. Just click the heart symbol again to remove the like. I’m not sure what the exact time period is but after that window has passed, you can no longer unlike a post.

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I hadn’t realised there was a limit, but I’ve checked and there it is: you have 10 mins to regret your decision and undo an action you’ve done (adding a like, flagging a post, etc). I assume it’s to do with people “spamming” the forum with likes (and thus notifications for the recipients).


Thanks for explaining.

Didn’t know there’s a time limit (as I - for myself - don’t see a reason to unlike a post I liked ages ago).

Interesting. Can you change the limit? It’s not a big deal, but I’d like to reserve the right to “unlike” a post if the author later goes back and edits it to something I don’t like after all.


Hi, I don’t know where to write my question: The old forum had the flag of the USSR, but not on the new forum?? Can I add the USSR flag to my profile?

Good point :+1:

Hi, I might just be missing something obvious but how do you edit the title of a topic? I posted about a travelling notebook and I need to change the title to say that it’s travelling now.
Thank you!