Questions about the forum

Thank you @meiadeleite :slightly_smiling_face:

But for the information of the others:
Only bookmarked topics are displayed, not the bookmarked messages.

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Indeed, the bookmarked messages are not displayed on the Bookmarks page on the top, or shown when you press the g + b — something to do with permissions, perhaps. I’ll make a note about it on the guide!


Thank you all. I’ve tried bookmarking before but then the topics do not sort themselves after latest reply. I got a complex list to check myself. Now I tried tracking. Let’s see if it will be the thing I want.

They are in a sorted list when you click on the Bookmarks Button, it takes you to, you can also toggle the headers in this page.

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When you are ‘in’ a thread typing a reply, sometimes you see someone is replying, presumably to the thread you are in, then, their reply does not appear. Does that mean that they have changed their mind?

They might have changed their mind. Or they might have stopped writing for a while because they’re looking for some information elsewhere etc, information they want to include in their reply.

How it is possible to place images into the post, if they are uploaded from the web, not from the computer?
I’ve tried the special button with the picture in the message window, but it seems to be working strange.

Do you mean the image stays as a link? I’ve seen this with some URLs like this webp image format below that stays as a link instead of displaying the image.

You can post the link of the picture here in an extra row.


You choose this iconScreenshot_2020-11-08 German - Deutsch , click “from the web” and paste the link of the picture and click “upload”.

@haathi if you delete at the end of your link .webp you can see your picture


Thank you Bille :slight_smile: I didn’t notice there was .jpg before that.

I do it. But after I click ‘upload’ the link is displayed like this:

No picture.

Sometimes it needs some time.

I only see a picture…

Oh, strange! Now I see it too.
After posting the message there was ‘Image cannot be uploaded’ for a pretty long period of time.
They seem to appear with a delay. Not convenient but at least it works)

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Would it be possible to implement a dark mode on the forum? This bright light is not good for this gremlin :wink:
A dark mode is much more relaxing for the eyes :flushed:

@Xapphirea , if you go to your avatar > username > Preferences > Interface > Theme, and choose Postcrossing (darker), then click Save Changes, you’ll have your dark mode. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been promoted (!) but it doesn’t show on my whatever-it’s-called here. What does this promotion mean? I looked it up, and thought it was fairly clever to be able to look it up without asking for help. It seems, among other things, I can now ‘ignore’ a person or people.

Why do you have to have official permission to ignore someone? How would it know that you’re not already ignoring someone? Can it read your mind? :astonished: