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Hmm, those all belong to #games-activities, so there could be a connection, but then again the washi tape discussions topic is under #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery… Wait, there is some tag for handmade cards, isn’t there? Maybe that is why… the system suggesting possibly interesting topic? Intriqueing! :wink:

About the advertisement that appears on cell phone… It’s really big… I prefer to use the PC because on the phone appears in the whole screen…

But my question is about the language of the link in a post.
I’ve posted a link to the album on Facebook showing the photos of a Halloween Postcrossing Meeting, and everyhting goes well (it works), but the link appears as if was in German…
I wrote in portuguese (it was in the portuguese forum), the linkhas some words in english, but Postcrossing site shows it in German? Why German ?

Hum… my guess is that Facebook is returning their website in German because the IP address of the forum is in Germany (the datacenter we use is in Frankfurt).

For cases like this, you can skip the preview (called oneboxing) by wrapping the link in brackets like this:


(the brackets won’t appear when you use them, this is just to explain)

Or, just prefix it with something, like this:


In the old forum I enjoyed a lot the function of topics favorites. I understandt that this forum does work on the idea to keep users as long as possible here but each time I try to read topics as “latest” or so I get a lot of topics which are not of interest for me. For some reasons I don’t have the time to browse the entire categories if the topics I’m interested in have changed. Please help me. Is there anything like the old favorites list? So far I found only in preferences to mark categories as watched/tracked but this takes me to hundreds of Round Robins or Tags and only few are of interest. It might be a step in the desired direction but does not satisfy me. Thank you.

There are two possibilites:

You can bookmark your favourite topics (and personal messages) or you can change the status of a topic to tracking or watching.

Watching works like the old subscriptions while bookmarking or tracking works like the old favourites.

You can access all of these specified topics in separate lists. For watched and tracked topics there is an entry in the burger menu (next to your avatar) and for bookmarked topics it is the keyboard shortcut gb or found when you click your avatar in the top right corner.


Some people have been asking for help on how to use use the Bookmarks in this forum, as well as the notification features, so I’ve written a little guide for it: Bookmarks and Notification levels

I’ve also activated the Bookmarks button on the top menu, so that they’re easier to find.

I hope that helps!


Thank you @meiadeleite :slightly_smiling_face:

But for the information of the others:
Only bookmarked topics are displayed, not the bookmarked messages.

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Indeed, the bookmarked messages are not displayed on the Bookmarks page on the top, or shown when you press the g + b — something to do with permissions, perhaps. I’ll make a note about it on the guide!


Thank you all. I’ve tried bookmarking before but then the topics do not sort themselves after latest reply. I got a complex list to check myself. Now I tried tracking. Let’s see if it will be the thing I want.

They are in a sorted list when you click on the Bookmarks Button, it takes you to, you can also toggle the headers in this page.

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When you are ‘in’ a thread typing a reply, sometimes you see someone is replying, presumably to the thread you are in, then, their reply does not appear. Does that mean that they have changed their mind?

They might have changed their mind. Or they might have stopped writing for a while because they’re looking for some information elsewhere etc, information they want to include in their reply.

How it is possible to place images into the post, if they are uploaded from the web, not from the computer?
I’ve tried the special button with the picture in the message window, but it seems to be working strange.

Do you mean the image stays as a link? I’ve seen this with some URLs like this webp image format below that stays as a link instead of displaying the image.

You can post the link of the picture here in an extra row.


You choose this iconScreenshot_2020-11-08 German - Deutsch , click “from the web” and paste the link of the picture and click “upload”.

@haathi if you delete at the end of your link .webp you can see your picture


Thank you Bille :slight_smile: I didn’t notice there was .jpg before that.

I do it. But after I click ‘upload’ the link is displayed like this:

No picture.