Questions about the forum

Indeed — the bio can be quite long so it would quickly turn the usercard into a user page :sweat_smile:

The usercard is a neat quick way to view some details. To learn more, there’s your profile page where the full bio shows. Easiest way to get there? Instead of clicking once on an avatar to see the usercard, click twice! :slight_smile:


When I click your avatar or name on your usercard, I get to see the whole text and more info about you.

That makes sense, I didn’t expect all of the text to show on the card itself, I just wasn’t able to see it at all if I clicked through to my profile… But maybe that’s because I was looking at my own profile. :sweat_smile: Thanks for clarifying that other users will be able to see it if they click through!

Thank you so much

Do we have a place for the country countdowns yet? I wanted to move the ones I run on the old forum but I can’t seem to find where to put them here.

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We do not have a place for Countdowns on this forum. That part of the old forum was slowly losing momentum and increasingly, topics about countdowns were being run the Language communities.

In this forum, we suggest that these topics are all run in the respective Language and Geographical Communities sections of each country. In the future, we’ll have tags (little labels that categorize topics) enabled in this forum, so we can use them to quickly find all the countdown topics.


Is there a delay getting First Share badge? Or maybe I have understood that wrong… I used share button at topic Forum User Guide and chose Facebook group. This was 45 minutes ago.

Edit: First Link badge came right away after this post and so did the other badges.

Sometimes it takes a few hours… some of these processes only run once/day, so that the server is not too overwhelmed. :sweat_smile: Seems to be working though!


And now I got that :smiley:


Will new sytem admin migrate old topics from old forum to here, including all the replies of the topic?

If not, how can I as an ambassador do that? I do have some topic from old forum want to save to here.


The old forum will stay as an archive. In a few month it will be read-only. All threads still needed should be moved here. If you have a topic on the old forum you want to continue here, there are two options:

  1. Copy everything over here, but it would be a lot of work and not especially nice to read.
  2. Copy only the most important part, so that the discussion may continue over here. Add a link to the old forum on the first post, so that interested people may read everything over there.

If only you want to save it, just copy it to your hard disk.


Will we be able to see our favorites? I usually add a favorite to any thread with a RR where I signed up, so I can find it to go back and report when I received cards. I see a way to get notifications for particular threads, but not seeing anything about going to favorites or having anything transferred over. Not clear, should have a tab for stored threads.

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Is there a section for North America? I can’t find it under regions. We used to have Round Robbins for just NA, not seeing it under RR and no area for NA.

Yes, there is a section for North America, you can find it here: North America

Any threads that you would like to see continued need to be transferred manually from the old forum.

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You may bookmark any desired topic

Or change the status to tracking or watching


I remember someone mentioned this in the sandbox but I overlooked it… Can the messages be shown as Read here?

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You can only see this indirectly by checking how often the message was viewed which can tell you whether it was read in messages for two people (or more if you monitor it and who’s online veeery closely) I think otherwise you’re out of luck

Thanks! :+1:

Is there a way to drag the images in Profile Header and User Card Background to the position that I want?

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when I go to the forum from my phone, I have an ad on the all screen at the very beginning, and I’m sorry, but it’s terrible and inconvenient( could you please do something about it?