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Hi @EugeneOnegin, you cannot really see if the message has been read.
If you go to your list of messages you can see how many views there were for your message topic - that might give you an idea.


@reisegern thank you very much for your advice!

When I press ‘reply’, I only see my own textbox, but can’t scroll up to reread previous posts. Sometimes when replying, it would be useful to see the previous posts, eg in a tag when you need to check the spelling of the name of the person you are tagging.

Is this not possible or is it just me?

At some point after the transition period end, we hope to disable logins too (we don’t have any dates yet, but there will be a notice about it). So please don’t keep data there that you need to keep, specially if you want to keep editing.

Maybe to do the opposite? Move your list here, and point to it from the old one. Maybe do that a bit later on the transition period if you feel you are not ready to do the leap.

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This depends on where you are typing the reply.

If you are on a desktop/laptop device, normally when you are typing a reply, you can still see the posts on the place you are replying to.

If you are on a mobile device, the reply window will use the full screen since there’s so little space to show what you type as well as the screen keyboard. However, there’s an easy way to temporarily hide the reply while you look for something: just hit the little icon on the very top right. It should look like this:

Screenshot 2020-10-25 at 10.24.31

That will minimize your composer window to the bottom of the screen. To resume the reply, just click on it again. Hope this helps!

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Yes, this works :grinning:, thank you so much!

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But how to translate the Forum texts to Finnish?

Hi! I replied you in more detail in the Finnish section. You can change the interface language into Finnish by following my instructions there

I’m experiencing problems with the “Gallery” function.

  1. If I chose “image gallery”, add pictures, save it - and then edit it again to add more pictures it automatically becomes a “grid gallery”.
  2. is there any chance to adjust the grid gallery’s size or appearance? It seems that it just adds up the pictures, it gets really large in the post, wihout showing further pagemarks
  3. is there a limit for the number of uploaded photos? I’m interested in using the gallery as a wiki in RRs for the upload of received cards. Will this work?

thanks for your help.

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There is a character limit of 32000 characters per post so we are probably going to encounter it eventually. No unlimited gallery I fear

Has the meet-up map of the world been moved or removed? I always find it useful when planning trips.

I think it’d really helpful if the bookmarks can be arranged based on the last time they are updated. :blush:

It’s already possible!

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You can find it here: It’s linked from’s menu, under Explore —> Meetups.

Here in the forum, you can also browse the #meetups section, where Agenda and Calendars are available on a global and per-country level. :slight_smile: I hope that helps!

Neat! Can we put the bookmark page in the main page as well? Maybe just behind Unread and Top?


hello once i have fed :herb::herb::herb: in the tutorial postbot says that he is having a difficult time understanding the message therefore i am not able to finish the tutorial. could you help me out. thanks in advance