Profile: Add option to show age

We can switch between ‘nothing, day/month, and day/month/year.’ I’d like to show my age without revealing my birthdate (some sites use it as second-factor for account recovery :frowning: ), and not lie about it also as to not have someone send mislead birthday wishes.

Please consider adding at least one option of:

  • only Year (and age if day and month are given)
  • only Age-Bracket (18–29, 30–45, 45–60, …)

The latter does not need to be computed on-the-fly or daily. Every so often a batch job would do.


I agree! I have been thinking the same thing. I would like an option that only shows the year of birth and age.


I think this would be good. I don’t have to have my birthday on the site, because I hate birthday wishes and also the birthday is part of my ID-number so it has always felt weird to have it so public despite of it being absolutely not a secret (and nor are the ID-numbers, but still). However I would like to have my age listed instead. At least sometimes.



Great idea, I really like it.

It’s a good idea! I sometimes get requests to exchange cards or letters from much younger people that are disappointed to find out I’m “very old” :sweat_smile: So, I would like to show my age to everyone without having to display my full birth date.


Would writing it yourself on your profile not work? I’ve seen some people do that.


I have already suggested to the administrators to display only the age (without birthday).


That would be not standardized, not visible at a glance; and especially for people not speaking English as their first language harder to pick up.

Also, I have upped my stamp-game and would use one of the “tales from my country” if the recipient is <18. Recently stumbled upon a profile where apparently the parent(s) dropped it as hint, the account were for their child – but the hint given as sentence written from the POV of a third-person.

Interesting one. I would never, ever write my date of birth on a site like this, nor my exact age (at least not on the profile). But an age bracket, I could consider…

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