Printing your own postcards

I have never ordered, but I have been playing around with the designs, I was thinking of adding a name for the picture to the image side, so the image get also a frame around it. But that is something that depends on personal taste

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In fact, I have already done so🙂

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Looking great and makes curious about what are those stamps used

I do print something when I have idea
Some are favourite of other post crossers


Have anyone print postcard using Canva ? If yes, may i know the quality of it. :blush:

I have designed postcards on Canva, but not had Canva print them.

I exported in CMYK format then had a local professional printer make them.

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I did print out these two.

Planing to do other styles soon as well.

Here is some design I am planing for this fall,autumn:

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