Prices of stamps for postcards in all countries/territories (wiki)

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I got the message “Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 32111.”, when I try to add Montenegro.

This page should be split.

Here is the Info for Montenegro

Montenegro :montenegro:

  • Domestic: 0,30 EUR
  • International: 0,80 EUR - for Airmail add 0,10 EUR (all Neighbor countries without Italy); 0,15 EUR (all other European countries); 0,20 EUR (USA + Canada); 0,25 EUR (Rest of the world)

Please add this for Bhutan.

Bhutan :bhutan:

Destination Postcard
Domestic Nu. 15
Neighbors (IN, NP, BD) Nu. 25
International Nu. 30

Source - Bhutan Post

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@linos203 @ajbasu: I manage to fit it into the wiki — thank you for providing the information! :+1: Feel free to correct if something is not right.


Sierra Leone
Zone I (ECOWAS Countries) for each 20g - 12,000 Le
Zone II (Rest of Africa & EU) for each 20g - 13,000 Le
Zone III (USA & Canada) for each 20g - 14,000 Le
Zone IV (Asia & Rest of the world) for each 20g - 15,000 Le

Sad news
From January 3, 2022
Kazakhstan posts about to raise rates for postcards.
From current 140-160 KZT to 500-600 KZT (0.32 Euro to 1.25 Euro)
I will update wiki when rates will be effective.

I’m afraid Postcrossing community about to lose another member country in this wonderful project.
Most of us can’t afford this rates compared to our income.


@paulo The wiki seems to be full again, maybe you can manage to fit in this new information from Germany… I updated the new domestic rates which will be effective Saturday

Germany :de:

:warning: New domestic rates effective January 1st, 2022 :warning:

Normal postcards Squared postcards (“Großbrief” rate) Envelopes*
Domestic €0.70
(€0.60 until Dec 31st, 2021)
€1.60 (Großbrief Inland)
(€1.55 until Dec 31st, 2021)
(€0.80 until Dec 31st, 2021)
International €0.95 €3.70
(Großbrief International)

\* Shaped postcards can only be sent in an envelope.

More details
  • Rate for international standard letters up to 20g: €1,10 - it’s forbidden to include anything except for documents in international letters as of 1. January 2019! Blank postcards are not documents! More information here (in German)

The link said that documents are written, drawn, printed or digital messages and information.
Postcard contains printed information. Aren’t these postcards informative?


This was just information that was already written in the wiki entry… I just copied it and adjusted the rates. :man_shrugging:

No one will open up and check the inside of envelopes, but blank postcards have a specific value and must (in theory) thus be sent with a customs declaration (CN22 form)…

Sendungen, die beim Versand in das Non-EU-Ausland mit Zollinhaltserklärung mit einem ausgewiesenen Warenwert versehen sind, gelten nicht als Dokumente.

…and are not counted as documents.

German Post is complicated… you can send CDs and USB sticks in a letter as they’re counted as “digital documents” but if you want to send any small gifts, you need to use their “Päckchen International” (small packet) service which is even more expensive.

This ban on goods caused some loss of sales for Deutsche Post DHL (see here /unfortunately in German only/, but actually it only gets more expensive for the customers.

I updated the new rates for Deutsche Post. :relaxed:

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I updated the rates for the year 2022 (Correos - Spanish post).

Rates have risen dramatically this year and with Spanish salaries it is going to be difficult to send postcards from Spain :cry:
Note that for Russia, where Postcrossing automatically sends many addresses, it has risen from 1.50 € (year 2021) to 2.10 € (2022), the same rate as for USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. The number of postcards sent from Spain will certainly decrease.


Can anyone help with prices for El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Colombia? Thank you

Prices updated for Belgium

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I updated the domestic prices for Poland - there was an increase on 01.01.2022.

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Updated envelope prices for Russia (and added the new link for domestic mail)

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What about the least expensive international rate if they were all converted into the same currency? :thinking:

I know Germany’s is quite low… Lithuania too for non priority outside of Europe (€0.70)! I’m unsure if this is the lowest though?

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Haven’t looked through them all, but India is probably one of the most affordable at €0.083 (£0.069) for worldwide surface and €0.14 (£0.12) with worldwide airmail. And to some (neighbouring/nearby) countries it is even cheaper.


I agree. Looking at other country’s tarrif, India seems very cheap. It is very affordable even for a low income household.


Airmail rates for Singapore will increase from 1 March 2022

I’ve updated France with the 2022 prices.

@paulo I’ve also read about the limits of the wiki. I wonder if the paragraph about self-printed stamps in France is worth keeping or not (since travellers usually can’t print them).