Prices of stamps for postcards in all countries/territories (wiki)

Oh wow!

That is expensive! :money_with_wings::sob:
If I lived in Copenhagen, I think I would be calculating the cost of train to Malmo once per weekend, and just send all my postcards from there for the better rate. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gosh! It’s a wonder that there are still some danish postcrossers remaining! :raised_hands:t2:


I’d probably consider travelling to Germany instead!


True! I guess it depends on which part of Denmark you live… I have only been to Copenhagen and remembered telling people that I “went to Sweden for a quick lunch” because it did seem very easy and quick for me as a tourist. :joy:

Sending cards from Sweden is still expensive. It’s 24 SEK = 2,93 USD. And the train between Copenhagen and Malmö is around 30 USD for a return ticket.


I just got two postcards from Belarus – one with a single “M” stamp and one with a single “P” Stamp.

Can anyone tell me what these mean (and could they please add this info to the Wiki?)

Latvia offers Postage Calculator but to give you an idea:

Domestic: €1
Group 1 (Neighboring Countries - Lithuania and Estonia) up to 20g: €1.29
Group 2 (for example: Germany, China and Ukraine) up to 20g: €1.35
Group 3 (for example: Russia, UK and USA) up to 20g: €1.42
Group 4 (for example: Norway, Korea and Uganda) up to 20g: €1.54

Is there a page on Latvia’s Post website with the countries of each group?

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I hope this helps.


I found a page on Latvia’s Post website with the countries of each group.

This is the link to the Book of Postal Service Rates. It opens a PDF document, where on pages 6, 7 and 8 one can find all the information about Cross-Border letter correspondence in English.
I made two screenshots for you to see what it looks like.


Hungary updated :wink:
(price increase 1/1/2021)

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I would have expected more uniformity in rates amongst the countries using the euro.

Why? It’s just a monetary union. Of independent countries with their own postal services.

But many countries have cheaper postal rates either within Europe or within the EU. But not all countries in the EU, much less all European countries, use the Euro. Europe is more complicated and diverse than you think. There are a lot of different currencies, languages, unions, treaties and so on. If uniformity were simple, we would have more of it already.

But to be honest, I personally wouldn’t want something like the “United States of Europe” .
Connecting countries while preserving their diversity is the key!


I updated the stamp prices for Finland. The prices go up with 0,10 € in May.

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Gibraltar -


Rates (Local, UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands):
Rates (Europe and Rest of the World):

Isle of Man:

Calculator -

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@haathi @djctv2020 Are the prices for India on this wiki still up-to-date? :thinking: I got an email from a new member who was told at the post office that Rs 25 was the price of international postage… They’re a bit confused, so any help you might be able to offer would be appreciated!

There has been no change to postal prices. I think this new member was quoted a rounded off envelope rate. Envelope rates start at 22 rupees. Sometimes it happens that postal clerks are not aware that there is a separate postcard rate and will tell folks to use 25 rupees postage on a postcard.

Edit: Here’s the government notification for when the last time postage prices were changed.

Details are on page 7 onwards. I follow the Airmail Postcard rate on Page 9 (table under Schedule A).

The problem is, if he is a new member and went to the Indian post office, asked about this in stamp sales counter, they will confused him. Today also it’s happened to me. They asked me to affix ₹15 for post card. Then I show the India Post website, after that they accepted. So, better avoid to ask them. Just affix ₹12 for postcard and ₹25 for 20 grams envelope. Most of the time, they confused with the Aerogramme with postcard!



Thank you both! :pray: That is helpful to know, and I’ve forwarded your replies to the person!

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@softserif Thank you for updating the data for Philippines! Are all the domestic rates really more expensive than the international one?