POSTMARKS and CANCELLATIONS across the globe! [NOT commemorative ones]

Here’s a hand cancellation I usually use at my postoffice on outgoing mail
Lviv, Ukraine


More Chinese incoming mail postmarks! The post office responsible for the delivery to my home has changed the postmark again - with several old postmarks reinstated.

Here comes the fourth version :rofl: In the first picture, you can see the handstamped incoming mail postmark is turning red. As I know, according to the regulations of China Post, all handstamped postmarks (either incoming mail postmarks or cancellations) should be in black and all machine postmarks should be in red. Someone told me that the local postal administration has a new rule of colors of postmarks. Quite confused…

“Toudi 投递” postmarks are in use again, but only No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6. I have been receiving mails every day but never seen No. 1 - 3 “Toudi 投递” postmarks appearing again.

What I’d like to feature in the last picture is the tiny postmark saying “如东路投递部 邮筒1” (Rudong Rd Delivery Department, Mailbox 1). This tiny postmark indicates that the postcard is cleared from the first mailbox on Rudong Road (Qingdao City). In China, each city has designed a postmark to indicate that a mail piece is cleared from a mailbox. These “tiny postmarks” are not unified in format.


This one is another hand postmark from Moldova, on the postcard MD-63972.

Quite different from the previous one in this thread.


UK Royal Mail Parcel Stamp Cancellation Postmark recieved today on a bulky envelope.

North Korea:

South Korea:

United States Forces Korea:


My last two postcards from Germany had blue machine (not inkjet) cancellations. They were cancelled at Briefzentrum 06 and 53.

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stamps ruiner :laughing:

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I’ve had the same from the UK.

Once I got a postcard from Nepal at official Postcrossing. Sadly, the postmark is not complete. Looks like the rest of the mark got outside the card.


Recently I got this postmark of Chinese post office. I found the shape very interesting.


From French Polynesia:

From Venezuela:

I think all of them have been stamped by hand.

Not sure if you would like to add those above to the first post, @ChristianJ.

Well, just checked and I can’t edit the first post myself.


It’s called a “permanent pictorial cancellation”. These are mostly available at philately bureaus and are not so common.

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Yes, in French Polynesia the mail is hand-cancelled. I’m glad that there wasn’t an idiot to put an ordinary postmark over the Chinese New Year first day cancellation ! (Yes, it happened… :expressionless:)

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Hello I have a question but I am not sure if I am right here. Above it was explained how you can acquire FDC and FDOI from the USPS. Here in the thread there are many posts about stamps. I am looking for people with whom one can enter into an exchange on the subject of special stamps. I imagined it this way: I get letters with special postmarks from the German Post and would send them to interested members here from the forum. Other members in the United States could obtain letters with special USPS cancellations and send them to me. I find letters with special postmarks that were actually also transported by post more interesting than FDC without an address and postal transport. For example, I created this letter myself, had it stamped by the post office and then sent to me:

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Great topic. I always like clear postmarks. Will share some of my collection here :grin:

Cheers, SL Liew

I also upload all my stamp cancellation in my postcard blogs. So can view them there :grin:

@honzuki , wow… you are in French Polynesia… there must be a ton of postcrossers wanting to swap with you… :grin:

I have a question: I have received two types of French Polynesia postcards mailed from
A) contacts who have visited Tahiti and mailed to me

B) contacts who arranged mailing from French Polynesia (not sure if these postcards actually travelled to French Polynesia) and observed two types of cancellations.

Can you please enlighten me a bit of the differences of both cancellations - is the philatelic burea/center in Tahiti where you can get philatelic bureau/centre cancellations?

Type A

Type B


@Saouri All the cancellations on postcards that I have received from Nepal are not clear. This one shows GPO Kathmandu :grin:


The one on postcard A is the ordinary postmark. (By the way, I am surprised to see that kind of wavy postmark on mail from PF, even mailed from Papeete RP, the main post office. I thought that all the mail was hand-cancelled. :thinking:)
On postcard B, you have the first day cancellation on the left and the Philatelic Center postmark on the right. When a new stamp is issued, people from the Philatelic Center go to the main post office to affix the first day cancellation on the stamp that’s issued that day (if you are sending mail with that stamp). I usually only ask for the first day cancellation, and if there is room left on the card I ask for the Philatelic Center postmark as well.
It used to be possible to go to the Philatelic Center to buy stamps and have first day cancellations affixed, for example if you missed the day of issue (you would have to put the card in an envelope, therefore pay double the postage, because the postmark must show the day of mailing), but they moved a couple of years ago and it isn’t possible anymore, sadly.


Thanks for your detailed sharing…