Postcrossing story - how did you discover us?

I joined Postcrossing 2 days ago while buying an.item on a well-known online shopping website. Some postcards came up as ads and underneath it said ‘Postcards for Postcrossing’. Hence I searched on’ Postcrossing’ and found this wonderful website and community. Five postcards are already travelling to their new Postcrossing owners.


I was a student at university. That year I had a super lovely flatmate, she was also into cards like me. She found this page and we bought registered. I don’t know if she is still active tbh, but our goal was to pick eachother’s adress : )

For me it was a bit similar like for you. I was searching for bookcrossing and got a bit sad, coz this will never working here in IR. But at the bookcrossing site was a hint to postcrossing, which was founded just 2 month ago in 2005… and I enjoyed and joint there in the same moment!! Yeeeeaaah!!!

During this long time I felt in love with Zentangle and Collages and other handmade cards… and recently Handlettering!!!

Welcome to the community! Hope you will have fun!

When I was younger I rented an apartment with a friend. I found the pack of old soviet cards on the high shelf. The owner of the apartment said that we can take them if we want to. I sent a card or two, then bought my own cards. I don’t know where that soviet cards are now. I suppose I left them in that apartment. Well maybe they inspired someone else to start postcrossing!
I’m really glad that I am a part of this community!


Personally, it was a little less than a year ago, when I was walking in the Lithuanian countryside. I got lost and it was a bit problematic because I didn’t have a phone and I didn’t know how to get back to Kaunas, the city where I was sleeping, about 20 kilometers away… I asked for help to a young man who was passing by on his bicycle, and he was very nice to me. Afterwards, we exchanged emails, and that’s when he told me that he had an account on Postcrossing. Since then, I told a lot of people about Postcrossing, but I don’t know anyone who told me about it, which means that without this young Lithuanian (Gedminas), I still wouldn’t know Postcrossing, and my life would be different! :smile:
That’s why I feel that Postcrossing really lives on interpersonal relationships, and that’s why I made this suggestion, so that the Postcrossing promoters can be thanked for their efforts.


Hi All,

I was talking to a Postcrossing friend, who asked me how I got to know about Postcrossing. I thought what an interesting question and decided let me ask this on the Forum :).

So, please tell us how you got to know about this wonderful site. Did you send postcards even before joining Postcrossing?

Eager to listen to your responses :grin: :grin:


I will answer from my end.

I was reading about pen-palling on a Q&A website named Quora. Someone mentioned receiving a lot of nice cards and goodies from the Postcrossing website. I always wanted to write physical mail, so I got curious and signed up.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even know what a postcard is. I was ready with my pen and paper to send a letter to the first address that I got :laughing: :laughing:. Luckily, some videos on Youtube cleared up my confusion.

I sent my first 5 cards, with zero hope that anything would reach me ( I never sent physical mail outside India before that). But, it worked :grin: :grin:. My first card took 39 days


I started Postcrossing in August ,2021. Before that I had received one Postcard & one letter from a penpal I met on RAoC. I learnt about postcrossing from #philately video of @Graham_Beck with samuel west. Samuel west is a British actor who is also postcrosser and his 3 month old girl also had account for sending cards!! Wow!
Link to that video :

I just loved this new word postcrossing in the video and I searched & signed up on PC.

I sent my first 5 cards, i didn’t even knew postage back then, and really wasn’t sure if my address will receive any cards! My first card reached in Germany 46 days!!

It made me so happy:)

Big thank you to Graham and Samuel West for introducing me to postcrossing indirectly))

Happy Postcrossing🎉


A couple months ago my cousin posted on Facebook about some postcards and stuff she received. I thought it would be nice to get something in the mail; so I joined

Back years ago when we used to go to Tennessee (USA) every year, I’d print out photos while there and send them as postcards to relatives telling about our trip


I discovered Postcrossing through youtube in 2018. One of my favourite Russian booktube blogers told about her hobby and I joined right away. Before that I only used to exchange letters.


I’m not sure anymore. I first joined in 2015 but I never sent any cards (!) so only recently rejoined this year. I’ve been collecting postcards ever since I was a teenager (in the pre-digital age) so I’m sure I must of found out about Postcrossing through some sort of postcard search.


:blush: I discovered postcrossing because of my teacher in primary school. We used to do postcrossing with the whole class. It was so much fun. Our techer read all the postcards for us and translated them. She sent all of the cards.

When the year was over, the postcards were shared amongst everyone!

:tulip:I feel deeply grateful for this experience, it’s the reason why I have a hobby that nourish my soul now! :tulip:


I learned of Postcrossing from YouTube years ago and joined only in 2021 because I was curious. The YouTuber was German but living in the Netherlands and it sounded interesting and her postcards were beautiful.


I saw a description of Postcrossing, with a link included, on a Facebook page for finding penpals. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I joined that day!


Maybe this will surprise you.:blush:I found Postcrossing from a college entrance examination English test paper. This reading details the website! The English test of the Chinese college entrance examination features reading questions on various subjects. Thanks for this test paper. I’m grateful to finally be here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My daughter used Postcrossing for a school project. The class loved it! She carries on as a participant, then her husband joined. She got her granddad to join! When she made me a Grandma at the beginning of COVID lockdown, I painted postcards for my new granddaughter and used them to document her life events and what was happening in the world that she was not allowed to explore. Now she is 3 and I still paint her postcards but now I also send them via Postcrossing. :smiley:


I was becoming increasingly jaded and unhappy with the postcard groups on Yahoo. The cards were fine; the members were a quite different story. Then someone mentioned “Postcrossing.” And here I am 12 years later.


I first heard about Postcrossing after stumbling across The Writerie’s Etsy page. I didn’t join until months later when an artist (Arcanum Dice) I follow on Instagram posted about their experiences.


Learned about PostCrossing a few years ago via a professional development workshop for teachers taught by Lisa Van Gemert, where it was mentioned as a possible classroom activity. Thought it sounded interesting and filed it away for future reference. Decided to give it a try once I went on my teaching hiatus.